Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hmmmm 2

Hey,  how's it going??  Just stopping by to say hi!!  :)   Hope you all are having a good day. 

I am going to tell you a story.  I told it already to the O'Toole girls via I e-mailed  one to forward to the other.  Wait, you know what I will do?  I will copy and paste the letter I sent them. 

--subject line was "I Forgot Your Name"

I was going to send you an e-mail to send to your sister, and I forgot your name.  Ha Ha!!  I thought it was ayuromixed.  :)

Anyway, I remarked on one of her posts, and told her about one of the guys I work with who was having problems at home.  I wanted to update.

I have known this guy since I moved from Normal, IL.  When I was a manager of the Plumbing dept. he was my best worker.  He is a geek.  Everyone thought he was a geek, but we were good friends.  He was a good worker, and a decent guy.

Something happened.... He has been in a bad mood for like 7-8 years, or so.  Maybe he thought life was always supposed to be great or something.  He spends too much time on the computer.  Migraine causing too much time.  His family life has suffered, and he has two kids. 

I de-friended him on FB, because he was always in a bad mood, and I wasn't in the mood for it at the time to be honest.  I was just kind of like blah toward him you know?? 

Anyway now he is opening up, and telling me his problems.  His wife put a restraining order on him for some reason.  He is not a violent person at all. 

She has taken a leave of absence from her job, and now their financial situation will be a mess.  She moved in with her sister in Illinois with the kids. 

Just wanted to keep Nancy up to date with this.  Still a work-in-progress, or whatever.  He asked me how Lisa and I do it.  We work together, see each other every day at work, and at home. 

Good question.  We have had a pretty easy marriage as we both have always got along really well, and are friends.  We haven't been perfect in all things, but none of us are. 

Oh well, I hope things work out for him.  I am glad he opened up, because now I feel I can talk to him you know?? 

Anyway keeping Nancy up to date, and you too I guess.  :D   Forward it to Nancy please... in case she is interested.  :)

Hope you two have a good day and night, and ttyl. 

You both are great!!!   :)


Steve Pejchl

Why??  I don't know!! 

Is what this brave soul doing important telling me and others things so personal?  Yes!!

Is it bad to bury it??  Yes!!   

Is it easy to do it??  No!!

Are you going to do it??  Yes!!

I pray it is easyish for you.  :)

Yesterday at the track:

I had to cut the grass, as it was too high, so didn't do my customary Wednesday bike before the track.  Legs felt much better.  :)

4-mile warm up/ cool down @ 8:34

On the track we did my favorite workout.  We usually do mile repeats, but we did 1200 M repeats.  We did 5 of them.  3-tempo 1200's and 2 marathon pace 1200's  Marathon pace is the recovery, although I took a water break after the 3rd one.  Most of us took a break here or there for fluids. 

I just totaled the whole workout.  My pace for overall was 7:50.  My goal pace for my marathon is 8:00.  It is hard to tell how fast we are right now in these temps.  We'll know more as it gets colder, but for now we keep getting strong!!  :)

Hope you All have a Great and Awesome Day!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

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