Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Words Were Scary!!

Me:  "So what's the workout??"

Alan:  "For the 1/2 Marathoners 5-1000's"

Me:  "Sold on the Half!!!"  (kidding of course  Ha ha!!)

8-1000's was the workout.  200 M activ-ish recovery.  We ditched that after the first 4, unless activ-ish means walking.   It was still hot out dammit!!  ;)

7:28 was the pace for the 1000s.  My goal after the 4th was to break the overall time of the first 4.  I failed, but by only 5 seconds.  I will take it.  On our hardest workout to date my 1000s lost 1.25 seconds speed/ 1000.  I probably had it too, but I think I spaced on the last 1000.  I felt good, but my mind just zoned.  I think I was spent.  :)  Good thing I took this week easy, because that sucker was hard!!

4-mile warm up/cool down @ 8:45 pace.  Temps were a bit better, humidity was a bit better.  We still run under full sun.  As it cools down, I'd definitely like to see my times be closer to 7's, but I'll take that as a successful workout for sure.  FWIW, I have no idea the times of my last 2-1000's- I wasn't even looking at my watch.

Oh and same old thing-- my dinner after was just a salad.  It was all I could stomach, plus some fruit.  My sleep 4 hours.  :)   wth??

Any other news.... hmm... not really.  A friend is moving with her fiancee to Minnesota, so we're going to Buffalo Wild Wings after work as a going away thingy.  She said I wasn't invited.  :(    I said... but....but..... Lisa will want to drive someone home.   :)

That is it for today!!    :)

Hope everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love you All!!!   :)

p.s. 84,000 push ups really = around 50 I think.  :)  -- done with pull ups.  

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Beth said...

Holy cats that's one tough workout!!! Way to get er done Steve! Heat, humidity and all!