Friday, July 16, 2010

Second Thoughts On Humidity

As bad as yesterday was on the track, I had different thoughts today.  Heat and humidity is hard to run in.  As a matter of fact I think humidity is what is the worst.  It makes it hard.  Last year was a very mild summer, so now I realize I am not used to running in this stuff.  My track workout on Wednesday was a shock to my system.  Now I think I will use it as a motivator.  We run hills not because our times look faster, but because they make us stronger.  Running in heat and humidity is the same.  It is hard, our heart rates will be used at a higher percentage going the same speed, but it should make me stronger.  So instead of wanting to hit times, I will try and hit effort level.  My effort level was pretty good at the track, except for maybe the last 10:00, although to be honest it still was hard.  I think looking at things this way should help me stay more motivated.  I am training for a marathon, so I have to be good when maybe I am not feeling all that great.

So weather = blessing in disguise.

Volleyball made me stop with the push ups and pull ups due to being sore, but I did 3 sets yesterday.  Easy... 3 sets of 10 and 3 sets of 5.  I think my problem is  my core, not my groin.  Push ups for sure help with that.  Pull ups, just cause I did them for so long I might as well keep it up.  I'd like to find a good ab workout too for the core. 

I also got a bit of a run in yesterday too.  Just a 4.25 @ 8:48 pace.  I really want to start upping my mileage a bit now.  Tonight I pick up my road bike, so I will get a bit of a ride in.  It seems yesterday was a turning point for my thinking.  Downtime from winter training is over, and now it is marathon full bore.  All for the marathon, but hope to pick up those other p.r.'s along the way.  :)

That is it for me today!!!

Hope everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!  :)

Now I am in training.  I still will fill myself with some of those bad carbs here and there though.  :)   I do like exercising with my race in my mind though.  Gives me that extra motivation.  :)

Now that I look at the 10 day forecast I am glad I have this new outlook on heat and humidity.  :)

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