Monday, July 5, 2010


Well, I was in agony yesterday morning due to my groin.  I went on my 27 mile route, and trust me it wasn't easy.  First off my back wheel was jacked due to a bad spoke.  It was out of balance or whatever the heck they call it.  When I rode it didn't rub on the brake, so I guess I could still go.  Now I really thought of not going, but I really couldn't stomach not getting in my Sunday bike ride.  It was a short one...for me, and it was a slow one...for me.  I had no power, because both sides hurt, but I finished the 27, and noticed my groin felt quite a bit better!!  Active Recovery!!  :)  Firm believer.  The nurse after my back surgery wanted me to get up and walking as soon as possible.  I told her I wanted to go back to full time one week later, and she said something to the effect like a man after my own heart.  I always remembered that though, the active recovery thing.  Also blood is a healer, so when I am sore it is good to get the heart rate up some easy way to get the blood flowing.  That is why I am glad I do more than run.  Running is hard on the body.

It was a pretty good weekend all things considered.  We laughed a lot, hung out a lot, and the weather was nice.

I am a bit different than all in the way I see things.  I think I will tell you some of this stuff sometime.  It isn't in me to do it now, but perhaps soon.  Is it important??  Not sure, but I guess I kind of want to do it for some reason.  I have been different for quite a long time.  Different in a physical way that I can feel.  I can close my eyes and feel it, and keep my eyes open and feel it.  If some of the things I say are hard to understand, it is because of this.  Is that important?  Don't know.  I know this is an interesting time, and the bloggers I read have a really tremendous outlook in so many ways.

Oh one other thing too.  The 67 year old who is miraculously turning 66 now also has recovered from a heart attack.  He really is quite a nice guy.  :)

That is it for me today!!  I really don't have much, today was more important to read the people I read, and not write about what I do.  I really enjoyed today's updates!!  :)

Hope you all have a great and Awesome day!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!!  :)

This is one of them that updated.  It doesn't show up on my thing as being updated though, but you should definitely check it out.  :)   Jen Harrison is her name!!

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