Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Over...finally???

So it wasn't my best weekend.  I obviously was not in the best of moods, and I am one to let people know about it.  I am not going to keep it inside.  You don't even know half the stuff that bugs me to be honest.  It is Monday today, and I have a challenge before me at work.  Try and get everything accomplished I want to.  I am already feeling it might be a chocolate milk first break.  :)

Anyway some news from my end.  My shuffle is toast I think.  I believe the ride home in the pouring rain was the death of it.  I was soooo soaked it was unbelievable.  It was a blast though.  One of those things I am out in the elements, and people wouldn't even think of it.  That shit kind of motivates me at times.  Doing things others won't.  On the bright side our stove miraculously works again.  I forget where I commented about it, but our stove went berzerk.  couldn't turn the stove part on.  No frozen pizza's for Kevin. A staple in his diet.  His 4 food groups, are tacos, pizza, pepsi, and peanut butter and jelly.  He never met a vegetable or a fruit he liked so he has gone his whole life without any of those wasteful pieces of food.  :)   I ate around 9000 tomatoes yesterday, and probably have around 9000 ready for today.  Woo Hoo!!

I biked yesterday.  I planned on going anywhere from 50-100 miles and went 27.  :)   I told Lisa I just wasn't feeling it.  Knee was kind of bugging me too.  I feel rested though for a Monday too, so that is good.  I will probably get a run in today I think, with my bike to work and back.  I think I am approaching 2000 bike miles for the year already between the two bikes.  Maybe 1700 + miles.  A good year as far as that goes for me.  I am not sure about running totals, but every month has been over 100 miles, so at least I am lucky as far as that goes.  I do feel bad about one who is injured.  One of the blogger's I read.  I let them know.  Nothing I can do about it though.  Oh well. 

Well, I have a 10K  I can do this weekend.  weather looks like it will be good for a p.r., but I am not sure if I will do it.  My goal is the marathon, I think I'd rather do a long run with the group.  We'll see.  My priorities are the marathon first.  5K second, and the half marathon 3rd.  The half marathon will be a tune up.  A marathon pace the first 10 miles and hammer it home.  I should be able to beat last year's time. 

Well, next weekend should be interesting, I will tell you all about it later.  :)--hint-- other side of the family.  ;)

That is it for me today!!!  :)

Hope you all have a Great and Awesome day!!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!   :)

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