Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Glass Is Half Full!!

Okay we will start off with the White Sox.  We lost Peavy for a bit.  Peavy is a stud, but not quite the stud this year due to lingering injuries.  We may lose him for a bit.  We will bring up Daniel Hudson who looks to be a solid major leaguer.  His numbers are decent.  Ratios are great, gives up a few too many Homeruns, but it will be o.k.  Those Whitesox bloggers are so pessimistic.  It changes our rotation quite a bit.  Our #5 theoretically becomes are number 4.  Our #5 sure has been pitching like a 2 or 3 though.  That is how the Angels won the World Series.  No Number ones but 5 #2 type guys.  We'll be fine, and Peavy may come back stronger anyway.  A blessing in disguise type thing.  I mean if we get Peavy coming back as PEAVY then look out!!  :) 

Yesterday was good and bad.  My thoughts weren't all that great at work, and I wasn't really being productive.  I left at 1:00.  :)  I realized when Lisa got home that not everyone knows this about me.  I have some bad days, but still laugh and joke around a lot.  Lisa was asking me some things, and I told her.  You know I didn't have that great of a day today.  She would have had no idea. 

A list because I am Superman!!!  :)

  • I am drinking a lot of White milk these days for some reason.  Crave it!!  Weird!!  :)
  • Lisa picked up some watermelon from the local lumberyard.  YUMM!!
  • I will soon be eating tomatoes every day!!!   :)
  • Today is longish bike ride day and my bike is fixed!!  again!!  :)
  • After my longish bike ride I have speed work.  
  • Gonna take it easy at the track to keep groin healing, and not de-healing!!  :)
  • That is it for today!!  
  • Hard being Superman with so few phonebooths around these days!!!  :)

Hope You All have a great and Awesome day!!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!!  :)

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