Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shit!! I Better Not Do That Again

Okay I missed one damn day, and I hated it.  I was TIRED!!  I didn't know it.  Do we ever??  I got home from work, and knew I had nothing.  I relaxed.  i.e. had a couple drinks.  Lisa said I fell asleep before 7:00 p.m.  I slept in til like 4:06 or something, and got out of bed at 4:16.  Of course I had like 5 bloggers update, and no time to read them.  I checked the Sox, saw they won, and decided I can still bike to work if I time trial it.  VROOM!!  Off I go.  I punch in at 5:02, so I am on time.  We have a 5 minute leeway.  I know stupid stupid!!  You know if you no call/ no show it is the same as punching  in 6 minutes late.  :)   Sometimes companies get too smart.  The smarter they get the dumber they get.  Probably from getting too big.  

I had so much stuff on my mind yesterday, but let me show you what makes me tick.  Tuesday night I read a blog to slowwww things down.  Oh man!!  I am all over that.  I slept for 9 hours!!  :)

Yesterday I was biking home, and man the legs had nothing to be honest.  I went outside and laid down for a bit.  I checked my messages.  I wanted to originally double like I did last Wed.  A 20+ mile bike ride plus speed work.  I get a message via Twitter of someone who plans to do some biking in Jupiter, PA or Saturn, PA I don't know somewhere.  I think to myself, can I?  Will these legs take me??  Oh yes!!  I am done resting.  Time to get on the bike.  I knew my route.  My 27 mile route I do not have time for.  I go and do my close to 19 mile route, the halfway point is a hill.  Not a huge one, but I huff and puff on the way up.  Very steep.  I make it home, and still have an hour to kill before speed work.  Of course I realize shit!!   I am fucking tired!!  :)   Excited though.

I remember I was gonna do upper body stuff again.  So I do my push ups and pull ups.  Now remember my standard workout is 4@15 push ups and 4@6 pull ups.  I do 15,10,10 push ups.  Those suckers are hard.  No cheating either.  Touch the chest, and arms lock on the way up.  I was able to do 3@5 pull ups.  I always wonder why the hell do I ever stop doing push ups.  :)  Those suckers are hard.

Then we do the track.  It is marathon training time, so since we are at the track my warm up cool down is 4 miles.  wu/cd was @ 8:37 pace.  I sucked on the track, but my legs were not fresh.  I ended up doing 6-800's.  Times were definitely not descending.


I forget, but it was something like that.  My legs just couldn't move.  I feel good about the effort.  I put in a hard day, and man I felt good about it.  I love hard days, but have learned not every day can be hard.  Some days it is good to just watch the puffy clouds roll by.  Some days I am going to hit it though.  The days where I watch the puffy clouds are great!!  You know I love those days where I just go and go and go too!!

I have no idea what I'll do today, I want to do a ton, but my legs are absolutely toast!!  :)  I'll bike to work and back, and then we'll see.  Maybe take the dogs on a recovery walk!!  :)

Hope you all have a great and Awesome day!!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!  :)

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Beth said...

The hard days make you stronger!! That is if we can rest in between. :) 9 hours of sleep baby!! :)