Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sore-Tired-Bad Audit Bad Audit

O.K. it was the 2nd day after Beach Volleyball.  Oh dear!!  I got done with my 10 minute break, sat down in Lisa's chair, and I was toast, sore, in agony.  It was the point where all the pain finally reaches the surface.  My arms, back, shoulders, everything was sore.  I know myself well enough to know I will probably dive all over the place next weekend, so next Monday will be a treat too. 

I slept bad Sunday night...stupid nap!!  I was tired on Monday.  We had our audit so a tired Monday also coincided with an 11 hour workday.  The 11 hour workday also coincided with a failed audit again.  Let's face it my most important job for me is to pass these stupid things.  I failed 2 in a row.  It is a hard time of year, as it is right after Memorial day.  The month leading up to Memorial day is loading up the shop with everything we are going to sell in the summer.  Not really enough time, I don't think, to have everything the way we would like. 

I can do better, I think.  Maybe send more e-mails when I see shit that looks bad.  A lot of times I try to correct shit myself, but you know what??  I can't correct everything right?  Who has the time?  We will see. 

Of course when I point shit out to people anyway, I don't think they ever pay attention anyway.  :)  I have a lot of pull!!  :)

Okay so tired day = nothing done on Monday.  I was thinking of cutting the grass, but no way!!  I knew on my ride home against the wind, I was doing nothing.  I sat outside with Lisa a bit, had a couple drinks.  We cooked out some chicken breasts on the grill.  I then crashed.  I feel better today.  Sleep rocks!!!  Sleep is the best healer, and don't you think activity is the #2 healer.  Being active = good sleep.  Hmmmm maybe I touched on something.  Maybe that is one thing I learned.  oh well... I guess I am just rambling now. 

I guess that is it for today.  I am going to do either my 4.25 miler, or 6.2 miler now.  I like the Tuesday morning run before the Wednesday evening track work.  It works for me.  Tonight Lisa and I have plans to do some shit around the house.   I think I'll work late.  ;)   Ha ha!!  j/k.

Hope you all have a great and awesome day!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!  :)

Oh yeah, we go back to the track on Wednesday!!  800's.  I forget I have some races coming up.  One is a double.  I don't think I will be able to p.r. the 5k, Because there is a 10K following.  10K I can p.r.  I don't have a sub: 50:00 10K, and pretty sure I can do that now.  That is the goal anyway.  Should start looking up to see when my races are!!  :)  Ha ha!!  Hope it isn't this weekend.  :)  

I M a nut!!  :)  cya!!  time for me to run.    

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