Tuesday, June 1, 2010

8 = 4.25

Woke up early yesterday, as it was a Monday.  I was getting ready to run, and realized I am tired.  I went back to bed til 9:00 am.  Gotta like Holiday Weekends.  I am anti-war as almost anyone.  Memorial Day Weekend??  Well we have soldiers who gave their lives, and so do other countries.  I personally don't think an American life is worth any more than a Saudi life, or a Pakistani, or whatever.  We all choose our professions, or are led in certain directions.  I am sure I'll step on some toes here, but I am glad I have been led in such a way as to not give "The Man"  any say in when I can and cannot die.

History is ugly with war, and I don't like any of it.  In our history we thought the red man was less than deserving of any kind of life and we really didn't think the black man was all that great.  A lot of U.S. citizens aren't too fond of the brown man, and the overseas brown man.  They all must answer to God.  I many times  am thankful I don't have to answer to many people, as God doesn't judge me, although people sometimes do.  I judge myself.  I have judged myself many times in my life.  I judge myself guilty of all.  I am as unrighteous as anyone.  I am faithful though.  I was faithful before the hospital and faithful after.

As with Adam and all the prophets it was faith he reckoned as righteousness, not righteousness.  We all fail, and we all fall short.  Me as much as anyone, and really even more so.  A man or women's righteousness is nothing in God's eyes.  His or her faith is everything.  I believed before the hospital, and the 18 or whatever years after.  There was a little dead time.  Not much going on.  I believed still.  It started up last summer, and continues til this day. 

I could show you all with the Bible, but I don't use it for that purpose.  God doesn't want me to.

I shortened my list!!

It was so freaking hot out yesterday when I ran, my intended 8 miles = 4.25.  around 8:40 pace I think.  Today I take the day off from running.  Tomorrow is a hard track workout.

That is it!!

cya!!  :)

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