Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Monday Blahs

I had a blah day yesterday.  I was at work, and putting in the time, but I swear I did not get hardly anything done.  I don't know what is up with that.  At work, I work.  I mess around and talk shit a lot, but just felt like I wasn't concentrating.  Oh well whatever right?

Anyway here is our life right now.  The mother-in-law is back with us.  YAYYYY!!  not.  It isn't just me.  She is a buzz kill for her whole family.  I just don't personally have much in common with types like her, and in all honesty have nothing to talk with her about.  I ignore her most of the time.  That is how I deal with people.  I ignore the ones who really just annoy me until it is too much.  Then they usually get a nice heaping helping of my dickness.  :)  No middle ground with me.  That being said if she was funny or something then that would be something.  She isn't.  For the life of me I can't remember anything she has ever said that ever interested me in any shape way or form.  She has no humor.  Gotta have humor, it helps kill a lot of ills.  I told her as long as she is able she can stay here, but you know what??  Her daughter doesn't want her here.  She is alone in her own little world. 

Any point here?  no not really, just explaining things I guess.  Yesterday, like I said,  or think I said.... don't remember and don't feel like proof reading.  :)  I was off.  Finished work, biked home, and cut the grass.  I beat the rain... it never came.  ;)  I just sat outside, and chilled.  Looked at all the green.  I then ate dinner, and went to bed.  I was so blah, I just didn't feel like being awake anymore. 

That being said, going to bed so early means I am up so early, and I have time to get a 6 miler in before work.  I had my eye on the 6 miler before I went to bed last night too.  I thought if I by chance wake up before my mental 2:00 a.m. wake up, then I can get the 6 miler in before work.  Woo Hoo!!  That is what I am going to do now.  :)

cya!!!!  :)

Hope everyone has a great and awesome day!!!  :)

xo's  :)

Love You All!!!   :)

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Beth said...

Sorry Steve - just getting all caught up now but I wanted to say - great job in your 5K!! I agree - the humidity is very hard to run fast in. You will get that 21:xx 5K sooner rather than later!! And hope things work out with your mother in law. Always a tough position to be in.