Sunday, June 27, 2010

Better Than Planned

O.K. I am getting a late start, but I slept in, til like 5:30.  I really wake up early don't I??   Trust me though, I don't really stay up late, so my sleep just comes at different times than most.  Anyway Saturday is long run Saturday.  I thought, I'd run, and perhaps get a bit something done around the house, and then just chill.  Well as the title suggests my day was better than planned.

First off the run was pretty good.  My legs felt pretty good.  It wasn't really warm, but it sure was humid.  I don't even bother wearing a shirt on days like that.  No reason it is just going to be a drenched ball of sweat anyway.  Not much to comment on the run just 12.7 miles @ 8:43 pace.  Legs felt good, but I was getting tired at the end a bit, due to the humidity. 

I was tired after the run, but I was destined to find my wallet, which was lost for two days.  So I pretty much cleaned up the whole house, folded laundry....yes folded laundry.  Amazing!!!  I changed the sheets, in case it was in the bed.  Cleaned the couch, looked under every nook and cranny.  Was just about to vacuum, and I found it.  It was on our breezeway!!!  Needless to say I didn't vacuum.  :)   Work stopped!!!

I then did a little grocery shopping, and came home.  I was just going to chill out the rest of the day, but got a call to play beach volleyball.  I went, and man is that fun.  I forget I am 43 years old, and shouldn't be diving all over the place.  ummmmmm....................SORE!!!  :)  It is a blast too.  Our team won a best of 3 series.  We then went back to Beau and Charity's.  We cooked out some food, had a couple drinks.  I went home early, I was tired, and that  was the evening.  Fun Fun!!!

I got home in time to watch via the web gamechannel the White Sox finish off the Cubbies 3-2.  Konerko had another 8th inning jack to finish off those lovable "winners of not much"  :)  Ha Ha!!  Glad I am a Northwest Suburb guy who likes those guys from the South Side!!!  Good Guys Wear Black!!!   :)

That is it!!

Hope everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

p.s. I can not stress enough Beach volleyball is fun fun fun!!! 


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