Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bad Blogger Bad Blogger!!!

Not really, but I blog almost every day, and I missed twice I think last week.  Yesterday was due to the Blackhawks.  I don't stay up and watch the games on tv, but  I woke up during the 2nd half, and was kind of glued.  No reason, we started the 3rd period up 5-2, and I stayed up and watched.  Flipped back and forth to the NBA game too.  Pretty exciting. 

I am different now.  I was different last year.  I know this, because I did not watch every single second of the TDF.  I already know I will not watch every single World Cup game, I can get on my tv.  I am happy to check yahoo sports in the morning. 

That reminds me of a time pre-hospital.  Everything was great for a time.  I was on top of the world, and then boom, I was brought low.  It is one of the things that make me different.  I have been different for a long time.  Different since before the hospital.  I see things different and I think about things different.  I think spiritually all the time.  My eyes are in my head.  I am observant to my surroundings, especially with everything... how do you explain.... on high alert. 

I still see many robins... my bird of faith.  It still makes me feel good.  I think I misinterpreted why the robin was the bird of faith during my summer of discontent  (pre-hospital).  I only know the real reason now.  I only shared with Gina.  Let's just say we see things similarly in a way where not all would understand, and perhaps many would think we are nuts!!  So I don't share everything, but as you can see a little is coming out at a time.  I thought I needed the bloggers to help me with this, but guess not. 

My truth is a bit different than yours.  Mine was my journey pre-hospital.  When I was angry, and told to go solo, I asked why.  I got the answer, and that is what this time is for.  We each continue on our way.  Enjoy it as much as possible, and realize God is overlooking so what bad can happen?  There are tough days I guess, and it makes it seem like God isn't there, but he is. 

Good luck, we each embark on a journey now.

Oh yeah, yesterday 6.2 miles @ 9:01 pace.  legs felt a bit sluggish, but I am going running with the Tuesday night crew on Lakeshore.   Final pre- 5K speedwork tomorrow too.  Busy Busy.  House is a mess too.  Amazing how that happens.  :)  @ Lisa and Brian, and that whole side of the family have stuff they are dealing with now.  Health in both parents is not good.   Hailey just graduated H.S. sort of,  (still has to do a month of stuff  #skinofherteeth)  :)   has a boyfriend, and she is dealing with more health issues from her real father's side. 

I don't know everyone's journey like I said, but I know my ending of this particular part.  I have known it since well before the hospital.  I wasn't really sure how to get there, but all the seemingly bad things I did in God's eyes were for a reason.  It was for the hospital, last summer, and this summer.  My righteousness in his eyes comes from my faith, not actually any righteousness of my own.  With help I overcame right after/ before the deleting of the Journey.  Now my final one I give up all for God.  I have help, the one who overcame centuries ago.  He overcame so my journey is assured.  Takes a lot of the stress off.  Especially the promise that all that happens will be for good.  I received that a month or two ago, so I don't stress about too much.  Let's just say that.  :)

Like I said good luck.  Learn a lot, see a lot, and may you have many many many sunny days.  You will have some rainy days.  Sorry about that, but those are necessary.  Realize I have had my fair share, and yet I still laugh a lot.  Wish I could make them easier, but they are for the greater good.  :)

best wishes!!!  :)

Love you all!!!

xo's!!!  :)

Hope you have a great day!!!  :)

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