Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday = Friday

I was absolutely beat yesterday at work.  I have no idea why.  I mean tired-tired.  It was A Thursday = Friday tired from after a hard track workout and 37 seconds of sleep to recover from it.  No idea why that was.  Sooooooo  needless to say I have to cut the grass today.  :)   I swear I will get it done don't you worry about it one bit.  Consider it basically done!!  I think my brother is coming up, so I'll have his son Brandon do it.  :)  Hee Hee!!  I'll then make Marilynn clean the house.  John I'll just have him pull his hair out, as I have Fox News parental blocked on my TV.  HAHAHAHAHAA!!!

So Yesterday since I had absolutely no energy, and didn't want to take a nap, I bought a little bottle of Brandy, listened to music, and hung out.  It was really like a Weekday in February kind of day to me...except I hung outside instead of inside.  Just one of those days I guess.  That stuff happens though, so I guess we just deal with them as best we can.  :)

Today is coffee, 12-miler.  When I am not really training for anything long I like to keep my long days at least 12 miles....for whatever reason.  Marathon training won't start for a couple weeks.  I'll already be at 16 miles for long runs!!!  WOOT!!!!   I have a pretty good base I think, as I have run a lot (for me) this year, and the legs feel great so we'll see what happens.  I am one week out from my 5K.  I am pretty stoked about that, as it seems I may get that little dragon off my back!!!  :)  Rest of the year is pretty easy.  I need to P.R. a 10K, shouldn't be a problem.  I may pick up a 15K in Muskegon.  I'll have to check and see when that is.  Then the Marathon.  Oh yeah a half marathon too, but that will be part of the training, so that shouldn't be a big deal.  Marathon pace the first 10 miles, then attack!!!  :)   SHIT, I am going to do the Bix 7 too.  7 miler P.R. too.  Woo Hoo!!  Only did that race once and was behind a bunch of walkers, so that should be easy.

Hmmmmm  my Saturday seems brighter already!!!  :)

Love you all!!!!  :)


Have a great day!!!!   :)

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