Saturday, June 12, 2010


That is the game plan.  I had a sub: 22:00 5K on Thanksgiving.  Which by the way I remember was another tough time.  I was writing the Journey at that time.  Anyway thoughts for another time.  I remember that race thinking I was going waaaay toooo slow to get my 22:00.  I kept the trust, and was going to let the chips fall where they may.  I think I was 7:10 and 14:20 at the 1-2 mile markers, and had plenty of kick to incrementally up the pace.  Course was shortened, so it wasn't a true 5K.  The Diemer course has been the same since they have done it, so no mistakes.

I am just going to trust my pace.  Realize I am probably going faster than I think I am.  I will listen to my breathing... perhaps with the music going at the same time.  :)  Sub 22:00 for me is all about what happens from mile 2 on.  I need to get to mile 2 comfortably uncomfortable, and feel like I can push a bit.  Those splits at mile 1 and 2 are important, but feeling good at mile 2 is everything!!  Sub:22:00 is all about  mile 2-3.1.  In my honest opinion.  That is my plan anyway, and that is how I am going to race it!!!

It will be fun, it will be exciting, and I will be determined.  To me the 5K is soooo hard to P.R. cause it is short, and the pace is fast.  Marathon is probably harder just cause the distance.  It is an easy pace, but the problem is all kinds of crap can go wrong once the miles start adding up.  I know all about that.

Guess that is about it.  This one is really going to be a hard one for me.  I will do my best though.  I will stick with my plan, and see what happens.  There always is that Blueberry Fest 5K in August.  That is a pretty easy course too.   That being said, I am still determined to do my best!!!

That is it for today.  It is game time now, so a bit more serious, than my normal looney self.  :)

Hope you all have a great and AWESOME day!!  ;)

xo's  :)

Love you all!!!  :)

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~L said...

will you be running in the Seaway Run in Muskegon this month?