Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Got A Run In

Title means once again not really sure what to write.  So let's start with the run.  Well wait, let's start with the bike to work.  It was actually pretty chilly out, I wore a windbreaker to work.  The sky was clear, and there was a crescent moon I could see clear as day.  That was pretty cool.  Anyway the clear skies made me think nothing of rain, but it did rain a bit yesterday.  Not a ton, but a real light rain.  A light rain I biked home in, and a light rain I ran in.  Now today I am doing track work, so I just went for a short 4.25.  Hold on let me log it.  I have absolutely no idea the pace yet.  brb.  Map my run was weird so took a bit longer than usual.  8:48 pace.  I know I know why do I go through the trouble of saying pace???  No reason,  I have just always done that.  Method to my madness???  No!!  No method just madness.   Ha ha!!!  just kidding.  :)

So things really seem different to me now then say a week or so ago.  No clue why it happened, I go on my promise from my post yesterday, and don't really stress about it.  I mean many of you know a lot of my story, so all my days have not been sunny days that is for sure.  Now I have a promise, and I just see where that takes "us"  :)

Thoughts aren't totally clear on everything, so I don't stress about it.  I wait and see what happens.  No use forcing the issue.  Gonna enjoy my time as much as possible.

Okay just a few more things.  I said I was going to run with the Tuesday night crew last night.  After work, I was like screw that.  I can get my run in early, and be done with it.  Lisa and I relaxed the rest of the evening.  Her = sleeping relax.  Me = listening to music relax.   Me = love Avril Lavigne right now.  :)  She rocks!!  After I am done with this I am   going to listen to some of her youtube videos.  Don't try and stop me!!!

Only thing today is track workout.  I will probably do the same one as last week.

That is it!!!

Take Care!!!!  :)

Almost forgot...... EEEEEEEK!!!

Love you all!!!

xo's!!!  :)

Have a Great Day!!!   :)

p.s. I never know where I am going to put my smiley faces on my signature line!!!  Just do whatever I feel.  Ha ha!!!

Have a good one!!  Oh, and no way in hell am I even going to think of doing a 200!!  another day.  Probably embarrass all of you anyway with how fast I am.  Ha ha!!!  j/k

p.p.s  Had a couple glasses of brandy post-workout.  part of the relaxing.  :)

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