Friday, June 18, 2010

A Taste Of My Own Medicine

I have nothing really to write.  Yesterday no update, and today nothing really on my mind.  Well a lot on my mind I guess as always, but I feel it would be boring for people to read.  I told someone before, or maybe a few people just write what is in your heart.  It won't be boring, because it is about yourself, or something like that.  So that is what I'll do.  Besides you people would miss me terribly if you didn't have a blog update to read.  ;)

Ha Ha!!  j/k

I don't really pay too much attention to the news anymore.  The Gulf thing is bad.  I don't want to see pictures.  I still don't know what the heck caused the big leak.  I assume lack of regulation, meant shortcuts were taken.  YAY!!!  We iz so smart.  Deregulate everything, what bad can happen??  Have faith in the decency of man.  Tell that to the Indians, or the Jewish people from 1939- 1945.  Oh YAY!!!  We are in an economic slump, and we are talking of balancing FEDERAL budgets.  YAY!!!  That brings us to 1937 if Krugman is correct, and Atrios tweets are correct.

We haven't even started with Hurricane season yet.  YIKES!!  What if we have a few major ones, or fires in California.  A lot still goes on.  I watch the market.  I am waiting for it to crack.  No I don't know for sure, but have a feeling.  As far as who we have in office it doesn't matter.  Obama or Bush right now cannot do much to help things.  What is going on with these wars?  Why are we killing people??  9/11?  What year was that?  Did we get those what was it 11 of 13 Saudi people??  zero- Iraqis??

Is it all about oil??  Well, it appears there is plenty floating in the Gulf!!  Blah!!  Why do I even write this stuff.  I just let it all slide.  What can I do right?  I watch, but more importantly I run, and I bike.  I drink, I listen to music.  I read blogs, and I write.  I laugh and I have fun.  That is what I do.  I look at flowers and I look at trees.  I don't look at the new guy at work, cause he is fucking a creepy fucker!!!  Ha Ha!!  j/k  I sometimes have to look at him.  :)

@ Lisa is going to a country concert this weekend.  We cannot afford it, but who knew?  She planned this months ago, and we have negative saved since.  Ha ha!!!  :)  I'll miss Johnny Garcia's 2nd pro fight this weekend in Chicago, but I will run long, and I will bike long!!  Woo Hoo!!  I will be flying solo, so I am thinking of buying myself a big steak, Porterhouse, and a big Salmon.  One for each night!!  Maybe I'll be sociable too, who knows?  I know it will be a good weekend.  I will have fun.  I will think, I will look, and I will laugh!!

Wanna know one of the things I am very thankful for???

I am thankful I want to write the following every morning early'ish!!!

Hope you all have a great and awesome day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love you all!!!  :)

p.s. Pirates SUCK!!!!   ahahahaaaa!!!!

Have a good one.  You all are in my thoughts a lot!!!    :)

wanna know what else I am thankful for???  @ Lisa is one of the best people I know.  She is one of the nicest people ever.  Everyone who knows her would agree!!!  She is great!!  pretty too!!  :)

Oh Dear Lord, don't tell her I said that though.  ;)   lol

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