Saturday, June 26, 2010

Not Much To Blog About!!

You know what that means... gonna just go, and see where it takes me.  :)   I kinda like these type of posts though for some reason.  I mean when I have no idea what the heck to put for a title, and actually no idea what to put for my first sentence, I figure it is going to be a rough one.  We'll see.  Gotta get me some coffee.  brb... oh yes I am blogging in bed again too!!  :D   @ Lisa is in Chicago!! 

O.K. brb for realsies this time.  Ha ha!!!   realsies.... what a putz!!!!

So this is the 2nd weekend in a row without @ Lisa.  We don't do this a lot, and as a matter of fact if there is one person going to be gone it typically is me.  I used to go to I.S.U. once every year for a weekend... then for Saturday.  We switched it from Friday and Saturday to just Saturday.  We got older, and who the hell can drink like 20 year olds???  surely not I.  I fall asleep!!!   :)

The Saturday ended up being lunch... beer.... golf.... beer....Doug and I basically try to kill each other on the golf carts.... beer..... finish golf for the golfers.... take back golf carts.... usually almost always with the carts still in pretty good shape...surprised.....back to to bars.....for just having fun.  Who can do that crap two days in  a row???  20 year olds.  We start drinking early!!  :)

As a matter of fact I think last year.... I didn't go.... we were planning of riding our bikes for like 50 miles while the golfers golfed.  I golfed a lot in College.  $50 unlimited golfing on the I.S.U. course.  I could drive straight as an arrow, but could not do crap with the irons.  I should have taken lessons.  I got worse and worse.  That is too expensive of a sport to do crappy!!  :)

As to the I.S.U. thing (Illinois State University) let's say we started doing this 1989.  22 years of that tomfoolery.  Wow!!  I think this year they may just trek up to Michigan. We will see....or over to Michigan I guess I should say.  Really around. 

Okay don't know what made me think of that, but no biggie.  Thursday there was no workout, you know how tired I get on Thursday.  Friday, I was teetering on doing my 27 mile route again.  I left work late, had a couple errands to run.  I drove yesterday, I was running late.  I came home, and just decided to chill. 

Today I run long.  Not really sure how far.  I get 2.7 to and from the High School, and I assume 10-12 after.  Probably 12.  I love long run Saturdays!!  What a great way to start off the weekend.... not if you want to get stuff done around the house though.   :D   Ha ha!!

Soccer, White Sox, and chilling on the docket after.  Probably get some stuff done around the house.... but make no promises!!!

That is it for today!!!

Hope you all have a great and Awesome day!!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!  :)

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