Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Talk

Lisa had the talk with her Mom.  I guess that is how it was supposed to go.  I said a prayer a while ago about being honest in a nicer way with Jackie.  We had that talk, and she didn't listen.  Lisa had the talk last night.  I am assuming Jackie will listen to Lisa.  She must have a guy issue.  I don't know her history or anything as a child. She was adopted.  All we want Jackie to do is what she can.  When she lives here she does less than she can.  We don't want the impossible, just the possible.

Me??  I try to push the envelope.  I see how far I can go, what I can do.  I am not done building, and am not done improving.

Yesterday  6.2 miles@ 8:47 pace.  The 4 kids gave me a weird look when they saw me running at 3: 10 in the morning.  That kind of crap gets me motivated.  The stick I tripped over got a swift kick, but I was fine.  Lisa is going to worry about my late night/early morning runs now, but ohhhhh well.

I'll be more careful.  :)

Those Tuesday morning  runs are good, cause it gives me a whole 1-1/2 day to recover from the run.  That is nice.  Speed work tonight.  Same hill I did speed work on at 2:30 am a while ago.  Start with hills to build strength.  That is how Alan does it.

Yes I am stoked baby.  Marathon training starts up now!!!  WOO HOO!!!

That is it for today!!!

Really glad Lisa had the talk.  I feel better about it all.  At this point a talk from me or Brian would not help at all.  We are fucking truck drivers.  So is Gina.... one of the reasons I like her.  :)  Unfortunately so are my brother's kids Brandon and Marilynn.  Not sure if John likes it so much, but we can throw a couple crappy words around that is for sure.  They seem to like the "F" one quite a bit.   :)

I'll try to keep this "G" rated, but there will be times.... I may not too.  We'll see!!  :)

Hope you all have a great and AWESOME day!!!  :)

xo's !!!  :)

Love You all!!!  :)

almost forgot.  My road bike is fixed.  Pro-style... whatever the hell that means. I know it means $20 more!!  :)  glad to have it back though.  My Sundays are not complete without a good looooonnnnnngggg ride!!  :)

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