Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No Coffee For Me!!

It is 3 in the morning.  I have the day off.  I am going to watch soccer on the boob tube.  (boob tube lol)   My game isn't til 10:00 am.  I am going back to freaking bed after I am done with this?  Why do I do this?  Not sure. 

You wanna know something about my summer of discontent?  I woke up very very very early every morning.  I worked second shift, and still woke up really early.  I bet it was 4 or 5.  I don't remember the time, but working 2nd shift at the hospital... the one I would soon be spending 6 days in, not of my own decision.  I remember in the hospital being chained up to the bed.  I knew I was going to die, but didn't want those damn chains on me that is for sure.  They may have been straps.  I asked my brother Jim if they could take these off.  I am not sure if they ever did or not, I eventually fell asleep, and to my utter amazement actually woke up.  Jim, had a dream.  I have never said anything of the dream to people, because I don't feel it is mine to tell.  Jim and I talked about it.  I reacted wrongly about it.  Arrogantly if you will, and God was angry at me, but we have one who intercedes on our behalf. 

Anyway as I was walking several, several, several miles every day before work... reason you ask?  Cat!!  Every morning my I woke up with my cat.  I had a parable I used.  A cat is curious, but he never comes to any understanding, because he is lazy.  I wanted understanding.  I may not get it, but it wasn't going to be from lack of trying.  So my summer was not fun.  I ended up probably eating one meal every two days or so.  I got down to 130 lbs.  I kept getting judged every second seemingly of every day.  There were no good days to my recollection.  I didn't drink at all....heck I barely ate, but I walked and I walked and I walked.

As I have said before, the hospital was for a reason.  It was 1 of 3.  The journey was 2 of 3, and this fall is 3 of 3.  I don't know all the things I do, although I know they will all turn out for good.  The summer of discontent all my days were bad.  This summer all my days seem relatively pretty good.  I will suffer this fall.  I am willing to do it,  understanding comes through suffering. 

hmmmm,  didn't think I'd write that.  Oh well.  It is the truth, so I will not be afraid of it I guess. 

Yesterday 4.25 miles 5 seconds quicker than the last time I did that route.  That amazes me.  4.25 miles and the times were basically the same.  8:43'ish pace I think something like that.  Now that is crazy!!

Ha ha!!

I forget the order I do this. 

xo's!!!   :)

Hope you all have a great and awesome day!!!  :)

Love you all!!!   :)

speed work tonight!!  I am planning on biking after the game too, we'll see.  :)

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~L said...

How do you know you will suffer this fall? Do you need help to prevent this suffering?