Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day Off!!

I can go in any number of directions.  I will start with just what I did yesterday, and may end there.  We will see.  Yesterday I woke up early, did my blog thing, and went back to bed til like 7:30 or so.  Our power was out.  YIKES.  I took the day off to watch soccer.  No power would be bad.  I was already planning alternative houses/ bars to go to, but Lisa called said it was pretty localized.  I went and got coffee, saw the repair truck, and wasn't worried.  Did you know when you have no power you cannot make coffee?  I figured that out yesterday.  Did you also know when you have no power your fridge and freezer don't work?  This is the type of important shit I can learn on days such as yesterday.  Ha!!  We never lose power for extended periods.  I think this is only the 2nd time since we moved here 1999.  We moved here after we got married, I think it was 1999.  Lisa knows, but I am not going to ask her right now.  It has been a while, so at least you get the point.

I watched the U.S. soccer game.  Now in a typical World Cup I will tape and watch every game.  Same as the Tour De France, but not really into watching that much t.v. these days.  This was an important game.  I don't even know if people know this, but I played soccer since I was 7 through H.S.  Our teams were pretty good.  Always ranked in the top 5 in the state from what I can recall.  I was o.k. but got injured for a couple games my Junior year, and also Senior year for several games.  A bad back.  The very one I would have surgery on.  Junior year was shin splints.  Can you believe that?  Shin splints are basically the beginning of a stress fracture, and  once it gets bad you have to take time.  At least for me.  It is my #1 running injury I get.  Kept that sucker at bay though since Illinois Marathon a year ago last spring.

U.S. game was great.  I was angry about another disallowed goal, but we scored the winner in stoppage time.  How exciting.  Now we get Ghana, and Germany plays England.  How about that Germany/England game??  How big is that?

After the first soccer games I jumped on my road bike, and got in a 27 miler.  I didn't push really, but it was windy.  You know what I noticed?  I don't remember it being very hard when I was going against the wind.  It seemed the wind helped me too in 3 of the 4 directions.  Oh if only every day was like that huh??  Ha Ha!!!
Good legs!!!

I then watched the Germany/ Ghana game, and switched back to the Australia/ Serbia game.  That was a good game too.  I then took a nap, and did speed work.  I know I know nap??  I guess the 27 miler took a bit out of me, even though I got way more sleep than I normally do.

Speed work was hot and humid!!  Boy oh boy.  We did the hills again.  Alan said 6 or 8 hard ups and slow downs.  None of us did 8, we did 6.   My sort of running partner from last year showed up, so that is cool.  Jerry and Jim don't do the fall session, so I am pretty solo, although the man with many first names was back, so that is good.  He still looks like he is going at a good clip.

The numbers:

warm up/ cool down   2.77 miles @ 8:18 pace
hard up/recover down  4.5 miles @ 8:03 pace

All in all a pretty good training day.

I guess that is about it for today.  The White Sox are on a roll.  I told people at work, (Tiger fans) I still have faith, because of the starting 5.  We go 5 deep.  We have 5 experienced starters.  5 good starters.  Teams to beat us have to have their good offense with them.  I felt we were good enough to go on a 20/22 stretch or something crazy like that.  We may not do that, but definitely on a good roll.  Different people pick us up on different days.  Our back end of the relief corp. is basically 3 closers too.

Pretty happy about them Sox.  I got a secret to tell about my weekend, but I will wait til the weekend.

That is it for today!!!

Hope you all have a great and awesome day!!!   :)

xo's!!!    :)

Love you all!!!   :)

p.s. from what could be seen from the people outside, I deserved to be in the hospital.  It is what was going on the inside that was the truth.  Looks are deceiving.  Our truth lies within us.  No one sees that.  Only God gives us the vision for us to actually see it. The mirror!!  It is our journey.  It will all come out, and you will get to know yourself, and so will others.  :)

Have a good one all!!!   :)

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