Monday, June 21, 2010


The Weekend is over.  I'd like to say yesterday was an easy day, but it wasn't.  I did get a bit of a run in.  I just did my 4.25 mile route.  I didn't log it, but it was 37:15 whatever that comes to.  Pretty standard run.  I realize when you are down training takes to the backburner.  Work doesn't, cause you always have to show up for work, whether you want to or not.  At least I do.  That which we do for fun though definitely doesn't seem so important.

I ran a couple errands with my bike too, and made some dinner.  I watched most of the soccer games too.  Luckily the White Sox were on some screwy Washington station I get, so I watched them sweep the Nats too, while Brazil was kicking the heck out of Ivory Coast.

Today is the 2nd time in a relatively short time I have to semi-dress up. 

Lisa had fun this weekend, so that is good.

I called up my Dad too to wish him well on the Hallmark Holiday!!

xo's!!  :)

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