Friday, June 4, 2010

Not Much On My Mind

Really there isn't, but I blog almost every day anyway right, so guess I'll just see where this takes me.  I follow my heart.  These days I trust it.  If it is anger, if it is happy, whatever.  Whatever my heart feels I feel that is a good direction I am in.  I don't tell all things about myself.  I don't tell all the things I think about, but who does right?  I think of  a lot of things. 

Here are some thoughts.  The American dream is false.  No such thing.  Our Economic system is set up in a bad way, although I don't know a better one.  A mixture of socialism and capitalism would be the best I assume.  A balance between the two.  Side too heavily on capitalism, and you end up with a depression.  We started siding too heavily with Reagan... again.  Not that he is at fault, but an inertia develops, and the people don't know what they started. 

I think we think men in suits must be smart right?  They start wars though.  They must know better right, but God allows you to find wisdom in nature.  You can be wearing flip flops and shorts.  That which we see deceives us.  We can deceive ourselves.  There is truth in nature, for this is not man made.  Even an atheist trusts in that which can be viewed in nature.  Our Economic system has us thinking of paying bills, getting ahead, etc...  In these trying times one must be careful right?  We learned via Enron, and the bust of 2000, and the bust of 2007 a lot can be lost very quickly. 

A point?? not really.  I have worked hard at my job, since 1994.  Tough to get ahead, and you realize it does get harder to make ends meet.  Expenses go up, but wages don't keep pace.  I am not whining, I really could give a crap honestly speaking, but it is the truth.  People these days are enslaved to crappy jobs, and houses under water, and making ends meet.  A lot don't have time to enjoy the world. 

You know what marvels me the most?  In our neighborhood you rarely see people outside.  Give me a beer, some music, and let me look at the trees.  I'll find some solace outside.  I'll think of funny things, sad things, but I will see things I cannot make myself, and that no man can make.  Pretty neat I think. 

Well whatever,  who knows what the heck I am writing about.  I am reading "The Catcher In The Rye" again.  It is funny as hell, but I feel sad for the main character his brother died at a young age of leukemia.  You can see him dealing with it in his own way.  I think perhaps it is autobiographical, but not 100% sure.

Okay, whatever, I am just rambling on probably.  :)

Yesterday 4.25 miles @ 8:31 pace.  Today I will just bike some, and have to cut the stupid grass.  It is like 1000 feet long due to the rain.  I may be getting close to see what are weeds and what aren't in our garden too.  I'll have to check it out. 


xo's  :)

One more thing I thought of yesterday.  My world around me is pretty big.  The world revolves around me in my mind.  I am arrogant.  I know I really am just a particle of sand in this universe, but my mind isn't there yet.  I am not perfect I know that, but I believe in my direction. 

Okay guess that is it. 

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Believing in your are blessed.
<3 L