Thursday, June 3, 2010

We Are Different

I want to see how.  I don't want to know what you think people would like to view you as, I wanna know who you are.  That is what being open and honest is.  It is throwing yourself out there. 

Who is Joe/Josephine Normal I should be like them??  There is no normal.  We are all different.  We think about different things, and we see different things.  We are all unique flowers in God's eye, so let the uniqueness out. 

Through all our differences we will get to see some pretty cool stuff. 

I get irritated when I read stuff you think people wanna hear. 

Wanna know what I want to read again? 

"A Catcher in The Rye"--  It was all that.  It was funny, it was crazy, it was sad, and it was life.  best damn blog I ever read... except for mine.   Ha Ha!!!  j/k

Track Workout last night:

400-400-400-800 @1 minute rest-- Repeat 2 times

My Times:

  1. 1:41
  2. 1:39
  3. 1:39
  4. 3:28
  5. 1:42
  6. 1:42
  7. 1:41
  8. 3:32
  9. 1:41
  10. 1:42
  11. 1:40
  12. 3:35
The last one was a little off, cause my mind was elsewhere.  I was thinking of doing a 200, cause I never did one before, so I was looking for the lines.  It was a crappy track as far as lines went.  Once I finished the final 800 I said Fuck the 200!!!  :)

I walked around the track once, and rode my bike home.  I get lazy with my warm ups and cool downs, when I don't run with the group.  I did do the mile warm up though.  9:02 pace.

That is it!!!


xo's!!   :)

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