Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lost Weekend

Big plans very little done.  I started going on my run.  I overslept the sleeping group.  I watched the first game of soccer.  It was the Netherlands, and I know some people who really root for them.  As a matter of fact the owner of the indoor soccer arena in Holland is from the Netherlands, and he also is a DeBoer. 

I was going to stop by Beau and Charity's to see how things were, but they weren't home.  So I kept running.  At 45 minutes into the run, I decided to walk home.  I would have had bathroom emergencies.

I don't feel like doing anything today.  I am really down.  It is the history.  I didn't know their Dad at all, but I know them.  I hung out with them last night, and I saw their faces.  I did not want to know what they thought about when they were alone.  They just lost their Dad.

When I got home I thought of what they thought about when they were alone.  I cried myself to sleep.  We have a lot of History, and we go way back.  It sucks knowing they are hurting.  The 2 brothers and sister are very close.  They each own houses on the same block.  I don't know how many times we have all hung out. 

I am down about it. 

For positive thinking though, I am looking at it as a down week.  I am going to train for a marathon, and I haven't had any down weeks running wise.  Don't remember my last less than 25 mile week running, so I'll not force the issue.  I am down and I am sad.  Tomorrow is another day, and I will go to the visitation. 

Maybe I'll try and get a run in Tuesday Morning, and then we'll see.  Bike Tuesday evening??? 

Today not much planned!!


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Beth said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Steve!