Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rainy Day, But Not A Personal Rainy Day!!

So, I don't always know what I am going to write.  Today is no different.  Maybe I shouldn't write anything today, because honestly I have no idea where this will lead.  Let's see!!

Yesterday after my blog entry I realized I felt a lot better than the day before.  I still have no idea why I was so tired on Friday.  I slept enough, but was just off.  It was really weird.  Yesterday was full.  Came in touch with a bunch of people who really are a part of my life.  A part of my history.  I said on a H.S. friend's wall, I think God gives us a billion things to look at each day, and if we are lucky we see 1-2, and think about it.  It was one of those days for me, but it was a sunny day for me so I wasn't too reflective.  Rainy days make us reflective, and more open to listen to God's voice.  Hmmm!!  God's voice is kind of a scary thought huh?? 

Yesterday was sunny for me, but I came in contact with a bunch of people.  On my 12 mile run I stopped at Beau's about 2 miles into it, as I realized I did not have enough water for 12 miles.  We talked a bit.  His daughter Jill was there, and Seth's daughter Maleeja too.  No idea how to spell that. 

About 5 miles into the run I saw two ladies from my tri- swim thing from last summer riding their bikes.  Nice ladies.  About 9 miles into the run I stopped.  I never stop on solo runs, but I thought why not.  I stretched.  I did the downward dog... thought of Yogini blogger... Ha ha!!  I stretched hammies, groin, calves you name it. 

When home I cut the grass.  My brother and his kids are in town for Hailey's graduation.  I then sat outside.  Jacob stopped by, we had a few beers.  He is realizing how Fatherhood is changing his life.  A little less freedom.  Fatherhood was never my thing, because freedom was my thing.  That being said Hailey had a pretty easy life growing up with Lisa and I, because we love each other, and we never fight.  Our few fights were really about her anyway.  I mean we have had financial troubles, but I don't really stress about that stuff. 

My good friend Rick owns the house next to us.  He lives in Florida now, but his ex-partner David came by, because some work needs to be done.  He stopped by for a bit, and we talked.  He didn't have time for a beer, but it was good to see him.  I gave him a hug goodbye. 

Jeff Stark and @tandumrider stopped by with Dan and Linda for a cookout.  It rained.  It was a nice rain.  We listened to youtube videos out in the garage while the non-tweeters were inside.  :)  O.K. Brandon doesn't tweet!!  Ha ha!!

Life is full of stuff.  Some good some bad.  It is good to see it all.  The rainy days are hard, but it helps us hear, and helps us see. 

My wish for all is the rainy days are few.  I hope you all learn a lot, see a lot, experience a lot. 

A full day yesterday!!!  Who knew???   :)

Love you all!!!


Have a great day!!!!   :)

p.s. 12 miles @ 9:05 pace   :)

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