Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Going Off The Deep End!!

That is how I feel sometimes.  I am not always very normal, but really so is no one else.  Our lives all have these little flaws and imperfections.  You know how no grass blade is ever the same as another, or snowflake, or anything really.  We are all the same way.  We are all different. 

I misunderstand things all the time.  I believe in my promise given all things will work out for good, but I don't want to cause un-needed hardship that is for sure.  I hope I don't do that.

So it seems when I have hard days/ nights it takes a lot out of me.  I am emptied, and seems I may be vulnerable to misinterpretation.  Like I said before sometimes my world is BIG!!  Sometimes I think everything is about ME!!  It really should be anyway, but it isn't... for some reason.   j/k.   Ha Ha!!

My imperfection drives me up a wall!!  Thats what makes God great though.  He works through all the good and the bad.  He makes it all good.  I see rainy days for some, and better days for others.

Here is hoping for some sunny days for all!!

xo's!!!  :)

Oh wait two more things.  I am hoping to get a little 4 miler in this morning, but as I say this it is pouring.  We'll see.   Stay tuned.

I took a vacation day Wednesday to watch Soccer!!!   :D

One more thing....

Hope you all have a great and awesome day!!!!   :)

Love you all!!!!   :)

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