Monday, May 31, 2010

Legs Felt Pretty Good

After my 15 mile run on Saturday the legs felt pretty good on Sunday, so I biked up to the Sanctuary Woods and ran the trails for 34 minutes as a little recovery run.  It is a pretty challenging loop.  Once you climb the 170 steps and rest for a bit...  :)  You run the trails.  I swear some parts just kill you.  A lot of times I think, oh this will be my last loop, but ALWAYS when you get back to the start finish area you are recovered.  It is challenging, fun, and easy on the legs. 

Speaking of legs, they feel pretty good again today, so think I will go for another run today.  Since I am up early, I'll get it in early. 

Not much else to report today.  @ Lisa and I had a pretty relaxing day.  Just sat outside and listened to some music, and then grilled out.  I went to bed early.  @ Lisa said, "why don't you stay up and watch a movie."  I told her, "my alarm goes off pretty early on Mondays."  She said, "hit snooze, what side of your head is your snooze button?"  :)

I got out of bed at 2:30.   :)

That is all I got today!!

Love you all!!!   tons!!!  :)


Have a great day!!!

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~L said...

"I shortened my list!!"

yes, I noticed.
peace be with you.