Sunday, May 9, 2010

Waking Up At My Pace

8:04 is when I looked at my clock, and that was my pace.  I woke up a few times before that, but stayed in bed sleeping til 8:00.  DeBoer canceled and  too cold for the Beer tent is what Lisa said.  PHEW!!!  I just hung out at Alan's all day, and went to bed after that. 

Race is the race, you know how I race.  My first mile was 8:00 and it dropped steadily til about mile 7.  Then I picked up the effort.  I know I negative split that sucker, and that is saying something, because the hills are on the 2nd half.  I will tell you one thing, I passed a ton of people on the 2nd half.  There was one girl who was zooming too.  I couldn't keep up with her, but I passed her with a mile left.  I was surprised, cause she looked real strong.  I got passed by a couple people with a mile left so they were strong strong.  My calves gave me a bit of a problem starting at mile 13, but they held off.  I started sucking my salt water at that point pretty steadily.  :)  bleh!!!  :)

Most of Alan's people had a good day.  A couple went out too fast, hopefully they will learn from it. 

Riverbank numbers post blog reading:  (since I started reading the blogs)  not sure if post blog reading makes sense. 

18 minutes off my P.R. the last two years!!! 

Thanks!!!!  :)

Looks like it is going to be a nice day, so hope you have a good one!!

xo's!!  :)

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Beth said...

Congrats again Steve. 18 minute PRs...that's just amazing and awesome all rolled up into one!! :)