Saturday, May 29, 2010

Traverse City--phone blogging ;)

Yesterday Alan and I drove up to Traverse City. This is Alan's big day, and a ton of people he coaches. 100's and 100's of miles were run for a shot of this one day. The full for many, and a few for the half. Nancy's half is big for her. It is her 1st longish race coming back from injury when we did the Illinois Marathon together. I believe she is 65 years old.

The full Marathoner's are hoping to qualify. Runners know what that means, and some want P.R.s.

I was reminded yesterday via Nancy's blog to stop and smell the roses. I was reminded driving by the bay during the sunset there is a bigger picture. I have never seen those colors before.

I saw the thinly veiled red moon over the shiny water, and I couldn't share. My heart was full.

Some miss out on life. It is sooooo much more than the devices men came up with.

Check it out once in a while. God can show you things every day. Keep your eyes open. He'd love you to see. :)

Love you all!!! :)

Xo's. :)

Have a great day!!! :)

Now let's see if Jerry and others can accomplish their goals!!! Woo. Hoo!!!

Forgive any typos!!! :)

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