Friday, May 14, 2010

Crappy Weather

Well it appears crappy weather has been around many areas.  Holland too.  Floods in Chicago, Snow in Colorado, Tornadoes in Tornado alley, and rain in several areas.  Sun comes out today!!!   I noticed people were having some personal rainy days too.  God has his hands in all things.

I am not really feeling inspired to write today.  I think I knew that was going to happen.  Oh well shit happens.

My day.  How about that??  I putzed before work.  Really the only reason I didn't go in super early, was the weather sucked, and I knew I really didn't have much to do after work.  So I figured I'd go in late and work late.  I went in late (1/2 hour early)  didn't stay much past my regular time.  Short day of work!!!  :)  I was a bit tired, so I thought I'd take a nap.  Not sure if I slept, but I noticed eventually the sun peaked out.  That was it.  I took my bike out for a 10 miler.  Not a huge workout, but just something to get the blood flowing.  After that I took the dogs for a walk.

Goals this weekend are...well to bike a lot obviously.  I'd like to get a 12 miler in running too.  I may wait til Sunday... all depends on the legs.

Bayshore....  looks like I will be running a good portion of the Bayshore marathon.  Jerry needs 8:12's to qualify, and he goes out too fast!!!  I will at least run the first half + with him.  I am good at running a good slow pace.  That should be fun.

Something funny about running.  I was sore from running 8:04-8:07's, and people who ran 7:15's for 20 on race day were fine.  My heart rate was at a higher percentage than theirs though.  Weird huh???

Oh well that is it!!!


Oh and LeBron is no heir apparent.  There is only one Jordan!!!  LeBron always looks mad doesn't he??  Jordan always had a great smile.  Just an observation, not sure if it means anything.  I think it means have fun, and you will succeed.  Be yourself, don't try and be someone else.  Maybe he is trying to be the heir apparent, because he thinks people want him to be that.  Nope...gotta be yourself.  Once you learn that, things fall into place!!!

Ha!!!  life's lessons via basketball... who knew??



My Cange Through Running said...

Basket Ball in connection with life's lessons??? What ever works!! Sports will do it, thats for dang sure!!

Happy Weather Channel Day!

~L said...

MJ always made me smile...I think you're spot on Steve!