Saturday, May 15, 2010

For Fuck's Sake!!!

That is what I told my wife before I went to Beau's house.... at least 10 times.   Clean up this house for fuck's sake.  It is a fucking mess!!!  I M sure she told me to fuck off around 10 times. We were just kidding of course.  I don't really care, and we were just laughing.  My potty mouth was so bad yesterday, I was back in my tourettes mode. 

My day started out by telling Gina This:

You Fucking Pansie ass!!!! Fucking Man-up Holy shit!!!! What kind of lame ass shitty status update is that!!!! Shit like that is just going to get my fucking turrets going!!!! :)
I even misspelled tourettes.   Fuck you Blogger, I think that is spelled right you dumb ass.  Leave the red lines to yourself.  

16 miles yesterday on the bike.  Heavy stuff to two people.  If anyone on Twitter creeps me they know of one.  The other one is not known.  That was e-mail.  

The one from e-mail is a secret!!!  Gonna be hard not to send more e-mails, bet they will be forthcoming.  Think about her a lot for some reason.  I can think of anyone at any one time.  God's will be done though, so all will end up fine.  

Today  run my 12.  Legs should be fine.

Hope you all have a good one.  Love you all.... to the e-mail recipient!!!  Love uuuuuu tons!!!

Love you all tons though.  :)

cya!!!  =)

Fuck Off Gina you bitch!!!!   :)  I M a lot more manly than you you fucking pansie ass!!!!!

Ha Ha!!!!   :)

well one person just needs to be herself.  Fuck!!  She is weird!!!  Quit trying to be Michael Jordan and just be your fucking self.  Shit!!! (she is from H.S, and a blogger. She should know who she is. Oh it isn't Jen Gray either, cause she is GREAT!!!)  Weird fucker from work friend requested me.....Um what???!!!!  Fuck You- you weird fucker!!!  :)

cya!!!  :) 

Gina said I M brutally honest on this thing.  Guess so.  :)   


~L said...

honestly steve...I'm from HS and I'm a blogger...what gives?

Steve said...

My guess Lorraine is you are posting only a fraction of what you think, and/or what your write.

You are supposed to be one of the best bloggers, not one of the worst.

We need you. You have talents and you have skills. Use them!!!

The fuck you afraid of. :)

Love you Lorraine, and I know the good stuff will come now.


Let the greatness flow!!!! :)

~L said...

my first reaction: Whaaat?

my second reaction: How do YOU know what I'm thinking?

my third reaction: bummer, friend thinks I'm one of the WORST bloggers :(

fourth reaction: I would love to write EVERYTHING and help EVERYONE, but I would never leave my computer and my family would suffer...and I am waaaay behind on job hunting and I like to spend money, so....

finally: tell me what you need and I'll write about it or take pictures of it or nurse it or listen to it or drink with it or hug it or feed it chocolate ice cream or...

my next post will be for you Steve!