Monday, May 24, 2010

Good Sunday!!

Started off my Sunday by waking up too early.  No clue why I woke up at 2-ish am on a Sunday.  I do it enough during the week maybe that was why.  I went back to bed til. 8:00 am.

Only thing I wanted to get done work-out wise was a 50 miler.  The route I used ended up being 50.2.  How is that??  Pretty nifty.  I actually pushed a bit around 35 miles into it too.  I attacked some hills, and got my speed up higher than I thought for a steady incline.  Like I said I don't push much.  :)   I am lazy, and I am not competitive.  Don't think I ever had the killer instinct.  I like having fun though.  That being said I don't remember ever losing a tennis match, or ping pong match even though I rarely play either.  Haven't played tennis in a couple years, or ping pong for that matter.  You know in H.S. I was more of a afraid to lose type of guy instead of needing to win.  I was afraid of feeling the pain of losing.

In fun soccer games I was probably a better goalie than my brother John, but he was the goalie for a time during real games.  I couldn't handle the stress of giving up goals.  I cried a lot during little league baseball games too, when I gave up runs pitching. I was not the most courageous kid I guess you would say.

Courage finds us though.  When we flipped my car outside of St. Louis 4-times.  I was the one who got out to make sure everyone was o.k.  We were...probably cause we were all relaxed sleeping.... even the driver.  Something about drinking a lot the night before and making the trip from Normal, IL to St. Louis to go up the arch and drive back with no sleep.  Yep we partied in College.  I was, and am stupid as far as that goes.  I like having fun.

As far as my life has gone past College I was picked to see some more scary stuff.  Stuff I would not have had the courage to face without God, stuff I barely had the courage to face with God.  Even this morning I thought of my future.  I know I have to face some more scary stuff.  I think it is Psalm 43 that helps me with that.  Doesn't it say something "I have no fear thou art with me"  I may have the number wrong, but what I will go through I will have help.  I share with no one, although many will know eventually.

Okay a couple things about my bike ride more.  Did I get off track???  Knee hurt again during my bike ride.  I also have to bring my road bike in, it makes noises.  :)  spoke off too.  boooo!!  I ride with music as much as possible.  Safe or not I enjoy it...that being said my buds are jacked, and it was nice to hear forest noises when I turned off the music.   hmmmm.

One other thing.  The truth will come out of everyone.  It has too.  Can't keep it in.  It isn't in your cards.  :)  It is in none of our cards.  When you are ready though.  God's will be done.  :)

Sunday pictures!!!   I know right... me with pictures.  whoda thunk???  (whoda not a word????)  hmmpf!!!  (thunk is a word??? )  never knew that.

God's Canvas

Flower's blooming

Lazy cat!!!


All has a story!!  I look at the sky a lot.  I love watching plants bloom.  From Weekdays in February to Late May is quite a journey.  Cat's are lazy, but not as lazy as my dog Jasmine!!  Holy Crap is Jazz really lazy!!  Salmon was my dinner and Orange Roughy for Lisa.  I really am the only one who likes Salmon, and I love it.  If I lived in Hawaii---never would cause I run--- I would be a vegetarian I bet.  I could eat fish every day, but we rarely do in this house.  I'd probably have to sneak out for a burger here and there though.  I love burgers!!!!  :)

That is it!!!

Hope you have a good one!!

xo's!!!  :)

p.s. going to get my run in early today.  Love it!!!  Speed work tomorrow.  Alan gave me a 5K workout.  gonna be a hot one, but that which doesn't kill us right???   :)

cya and love you all!!!!  :)

pictures = phone quality please forgive.  I M a lazy photographer.  I am a lazy one for spelling out I M too.  :)


Beth said...

Psalm 23? "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me..."

Steve said...

Lol!! Yep that one!! My memory is as bad as your running pictures!! :). Kidding!!