Thursday, May 27, 2010


Gonna Go For A List Of 25 Random Things!!!  Should be fun!!

  1. I am lucky to not need much sleep!!
  2. Not sure the purpose of why I wake up so early without an alarm.  There is a purpose though!
  3. I don't know the difference between what I planted and a weed in my garden.  :)   (yet)
  4. Lisa and I had a pretty productive day yesterday.  (short to-do-list was the trick)
  5. hmmmm getting stuck at 4.
  6. I think this list will be boring, but people who read it may find it interesting, cause it tells about me.
  7. I had a really good day yesterday!!  My heart was really upbeat.  Didn't expect it!!
  8. I thought I was going to be sad on Tuesday, and I really wasn't.. a little for a bit, but not much.  
  9. The new guy at work is soooo weird.  I don't pretend to like him, cause I don't!!!  :)
  10. That being said I realize God still may have plans for him.  I still don't like looking at him.  
  11. I am going to try to read blogs when I wake up from now on.  Not during the day!!!
  12. I asked Nancy O'Toole really random questions on formspring.  Like Why is window and When is yesteryear....or something like that.  :)
  13. I think I laugh everyday.  I am a real smart ass, I wonder if it comes across via my blog??
  14. There was a bat laying on the sidewalk outside work yesterday people were talking about. I told a cashier I thought they were talking about her.  :)  We've worked together for like 1000 years.
  15. I exaggerate a lot.  I wonder if that comes across.   ;)
  16. I have a new friend on FB I think.  It makes me feel good.  better than most.  (blogger)
  17. I love reading blogs.  I'd read more if they commented on my blog.  If it is a good blog.  I don't add anymore, unless recommended somehow.  
  18. I am glad Gina recommended Nancy O'Toole and Nancy recommended her sister.  good girls!!
  19. Sometimes I check out other blogs if a person comments quite a bit before or after me.  
  20. I congratulated Audrey on her mile, but I am under comment annihilation again!!!  :)  50th time??  :)
  21. I am going to run a 4.25 mile loop this morning, and that will be my last run before my pacing on Saturday.
  22. I remember doing the 7 things via Jessica's blog.  That was hard, this seems pretty easy.
  23. I may do more than 25... this is pretty fun.
  24. Our little dog barks too much!!!  so annoying!!
  25. Lisa's Mom is in a nursing home... maybe for good.   
  26. She has lived an unhealthy life.  I am lucky... God has lead me in such a way as to remain active.  :)
  27. I think I know someone who blogs privately.  It would be hard for this person to let people see.
  28. I am going for 30 now!!!!  :)
  29. I am not nervous for my pacing job.  I think God's hands are in it, and Jerry may qualify!!!
  30. Jim is going to pick Jerry up at mile 20 is my guess.  I bet I go 15-16.  Hope to not have to walk back to the finish line!!!  :)
Love you all!!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Have a great day!!!  :)

FWIW-- I think the Dow under 10,000 is exceedingly bearish!!!  Not good!!!


Beth said...

I love lists!! And I loved this one! :)

My Cange Through Running said...

I may do more than 25... this is pretty fun.

25 MILES?!?! At one Time??

I am lucky to not need much sleep!!

um....yes you are!!