Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Like Strawberries!!

Yep, now you know my secret.  I could eat pounds and pounds.   I don't like them quite as much as tomatoes, but still like them none the less.  (none the less lol)

Yesterday I made an executive decision and decided to take off from the track.  I raced a pretty longish race last weekend, and wanna stay healthy for the important part of my season... marathon training.  Although saying that, that dang 5K is important to me.  22:00 is going down.  I am thinking of p.r.'ing by 5 minutes on that race.  Ha Ha!!!  j/k. 

I planned on doing my 6.2 mile loop, but cut it short at 5 miles.  Glad I did... legs still have a bit of race in them.  I haven't even biked to work yet this week, so really taking time off.  No biking due to rain, not from anything else...well yesterday was listening to "Let Love In" 5000 times b4 work.  I love the Goo Goo Dolls. 

wanna know something else??

Love all of you too.  :)

Wish I could let everyone know how I feel.

u have no idea!!!

God is great!!!  :)

That is it for today... not going to talk about the White Sox...bastards.... oh and yes I saw the stupid Cubs won... bastards!! 

Wanna know a secret????  I would have bet long on the Rays the year they went to the World Series.  I am a good long picker.  Oakland the year they lost on Jeter's stupid over-rated play.  Anaheim the year they won.  Rays their year.  Rays look good this year, but I still am long on the White Sox!!  :))

Love you all!!

xo's   =)

Hope everyone has a great day!!!  :)))))

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Beth said...

That 22 minutes is going DOWN in the 5K!! By 5 minutes? SURE - why not!! HAHA! :) Have a great day Steve and rest up - you've got many great goals to go yet this year. :)