Friday, May 21, 2010

It is Friday At Least

Wow,  I really have nothing to write today.  Guess I will try and be honest about my previous 3 days.  I am open and honest on this thing as much as possible.  Me doing that in the long run helps you do that.  Quid pro quo though.  I can only remain being open and honest if you reciprocate.  You cannot bury the bad stuff. Let the bad stuff out.  It doesn't come out at once, but a little at a time.

You all are strong enough to be honest, and let's face it- honest = tough.  Bury = afraid.  Most people I would imagine want to be considered tough.  Guess what... it isn't always easy.  If I remember correctly the first step is hard, but it gets easier.  If I am correct God wants to see that first step.  A step of faith if you will, and then he makes it easier.  Trust me your step won't be any harder than anything I have done I don't believe.  Love and help lives in the light.  Light = open and honest.  Nothing good comes from burying.  This will mean different things to different people, but I know I suffered a bit this week, as that helps people become reflective.  When you are reflective blog.  Tell people about it via your blog, or FB, or whatever.

A lesson learned this year at a very high price is pretending everything is o.k.- is not good.  Nothing good comes from it.  All of us are imperfect, and trust me we can all relate to other's short-comings.  If you pretend you don't have any, well then you really will not be as well liked as you would like.  Your self-perception of how you are liked is a false view.  Don't trust it.  Trust in whatever is true.

I hope that helps.  :)


p.s.  love you all!!!   :)

p.p.s  If you want to just get lost check this out!!  Jen Gray's blog.  Unbelievable!!!  

the next in the p.s. line whatever the hell that is:   Fast Metric Mile is Saturday morning!!!  Gonna bring it!!!

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Steve said...

The next in the p.s. line is just comment on your own stupid blog. :)

Wednesday 4 mi warm up/ cool down

1-12:00 run @ 7:05
4-800's @ 6:57

Yep you are thinking what I am thinking. 22:00 could be broken today, and I still have some training left. That sucker is going down!!! :)

Have a great day!!! :)