Saturday, May 8, 2010

Going To Be a Wet One!!

Whoop Whoop!!!!  or is it Woop  Woop!!!  hmmm, guess the red lines tell the story.  Whoop Whoop it is!!!  How in the heck is hmmm not a word????  Stupid blogger!!!

I guess what I do on a day like this is pre-game.  I am hungry, so I am going to eat the better part of 94,000 calories this morning,  or attempt to.  That should be good, because a lot of times before my long runs I forget to eat.  What with all the procrastinating I do.  Blogging, Fb'ing, blog reading, sports scores checking... I can get busy.

I'll get it out of the way now... Stupid Ass Sox!!!  Kills me to see them lose, because I think they are really good, and they just cannot get traction.  How bout them Hawks!!!!  Woop Woop!!!  oops misspelled that... Whoop Whoop!!!!  :)  I wonder what the blogger designers were thinking when they let whoop pass  the word test, and woop didn't???  hmmmmm perhaps a blog post for another day.  Or is it Firefox, or Windows that does the red lines????   hmm!!! 

Anyway.... pre-race you know my goals.  First half slowish, and pick it up in the 2nd half.  Slowish first half = strong finish.  It also equals passing a lot of people on the hills.  That is a great feeling.  Hope Brian Sell isn't running today, wouldn't want to make him look foolish!!!  Just kidding he won it one year, and came in 2nd another.   I see Ryan Shay came in 4th in 2007.  Hanson Brooks will be out in full force, but don't think they have a Brian Sell on the team just yet.  Those don't pop up every day.  Rochester, MI will be well represented at the finish though, I am sure.  Men and Women.

Anyway, my goal is 2:05.  Will I hit it??? Don't know.  I'll try my best. I'll have fun, and that is what it is all about.  We do it cause it is fun.  It is a great course, a great distance, and they put on a great race.  A lot of fans come out to spectate, and local High Schools bring out their cheer leaders.  Fun Fun!!!

Same as last year, I will have to pace myself during the post-race festivities.  Who doesn't want to nap after racing 15 + miles???  I know I sure do.  We'll see.

Here is a picture of the elite's from last years race.  Course was an out and back last year due to floods.  We got to see the elites, which was neat.  Ummmm fast!!!  No floods this year, but cold rain. 

That is it for today!!  Just excited about getting the racing going.  Perfect conditions for me.  Sloppy cold weather.

Have a good one!!!  xo's  :)

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My Cange Through Running said...

ok. I LOVE running in rain! Now, that sounds like fun! But I guess if you're a racer it may mess up your time...I don't know? I pray for rain :-)