Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Smattering of Things

A list-- I am due

  • Sucks that Becky stopped blogging.  It is only the first day...boooooooo
  • My friend Mike said I was nuts after reading yesterday's post.
  • I love honesty... the good and the bad!!  
  • There is no greater compliment then when one has the courage to be honest with you.
  • It shows character.
  • Gina said my post was great!!  See- it is why I share the hidden stuff with her.
  • My brother Jim had a dream the night I went into the hospital.
  • It let him know of some of the hidden stuff.
  • He posted lyrics to a REM song on my wall.
  • Everything I have said is true.  
  • except that I won't comment on blogs.  I still will... I don't know why...I just do.
  • I love it when people are open and honest.  I love that.
  • I ran my 4.25 mile route yesterday before work.
  • Tonight I run in circles.
  • Hawks win--Sox win--Pirates got pounded.  Never check the Cubs.  
  • Boston beat the hell out of Cleveland--that is a surprise.
Really got nothing today!!  :)

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

God sure is pretty amazing huh??  He knows what he is doing, and I tell you that makes me feel relieved--cause I sure don't know what I am doing.  :)

You all are pretty great!!!

Love You!!!  :)

xo's   :)

p.s. this song rocks!!!!

p.p.s  The birds didn't speak.  God had them at the top of the trees... a ton of them.  I saw that several times.  Parable of faith and birds in the tops of trees.  Don't want you really thinking I am crazy.  :)


Beth said...

The Pirates ALWAYS get pounded!! :)

I love lists!

Have a great day Steve.

Anonymous said...

Mike here. I said, "Read the blog. You are crazy. Here's a secret though - we're all crazy, just in different ways, and most of it hidden. Crazy is normal. Especially for runners."
Steve, if you are nuts, the rest of the world needs to get a little nuttier.

~L said...

I agree with you Mike!
I'm a proud card-carrying member of crazy nutty weirdos.