Monday, May 10, 2010


That was my time in the Riverbank.  Goal was 2:05, so not too bad for a 15.53 mile race.  On map my run it said my pace was 8:04, and on the Riverbank results it said 8:07.  I assumed 8:07 was clock time pace.  Not too concerned with actually doing the math to figure it out.  Gonna say 8:04 was the correct one.  O.K. I did the math and it came out as 8:05.  SCREW IT!!!!  :)

Yesterday I got a 60 miler in.  My legs really didn't feel like walking, but they plodded me through 60 miles with a lunch in between.  Lisa and Hailey went and saw Iron Man 2.  We both like Robert Downey Jr.  We know his struggles with substance abuse, but he sure is a good actor.  I know dealing with substance abuse probably makes a life tough.  Heck if I didn't know it I sure learned it this year. 

I think the weather is supposed to be pretty nice today, so I may tack on some extra biking miles, but I think more importantly, I am going to take time to go for a walk with @ Lisa.  We had a pretty good talk yesterday.  I'll put it this way.  Motherhood is hard, and at a certain point in time the child has to do some stuff on her own. Grow up, take responsibility.  A mom can only do so much.  There are good examples in this house to follow, and there are bad ones.  Hope she takes after the good ones.  There is also a good example in Hawaii.  The book is still out in which direction gets taken. 

How's that???   :) 

meanwhile one of the bad examples is up at 4:00 am playing video games talking through some head piece thing.  :)   I am sure all 38 year olds or whatever are doing the same thing. 

Here is one thing about me, for better or worse, I will eventually call it as I see it.... I have a feeling it is for better, cause it is the truth, so what the heck!!! 

Hope everyone has a good week!!!  :)

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