Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shoot Don't really have a Title... That sucks!!

Not really sure what I am going to write.  Hold on, I am going to check the White Sox.  I went to bed, and knew they were down 4-1.  I saw they won, but want to check the box score.  Be back in a minute.  4-run 7th.  I am telling you watch out for those guys... we is going to be good!!  We know how to bring home the pennants that fly forever.  I come from a family of Cubs fans, so it is with great honor I bust them down!!!  Been a Sox fan since 1977.  I should say more of a South Side fan.  I liked the Cubs here and there, but pretty much on the Chicago is split side now.  Plus I root for the Pirates now right??  Ha ha!!!  :)

Every year I do the 25K I get injured.  I cannot run too much.  I learned from last years Spring Marathon, if I take a little time off from running after my long race, I can come back after a week pretty good.  That being said I have run at least a few miles after two days off post all my marathons....4 as we speak.

Why the marathon???  Cause I love training for it.  Putting aside a good amount of time to accomplish something.  It isn't a sacrifice for me, cause I love it.  Also it is an accomplishment.  You know the crazy low percentage of people who walked the earth who have done one of those.  IM even more so.  We wanna make ourselves special... stand out in a way.  What is wrong with that??  I think nothing.  Why not??  Go for it is what I say.  Have fun!!  We all have gifts and we can all stand out.  Why not do it.

No need to hide in your shell.  The turtle wins the race, but his head is out.  He doesn't run blind.  Rabbit doesn't win, cause the fucker is too busy eating my damn feet!!!


I know I am a nut!!!

Big day planned.  tell you about it later.

Love you all!!

xo's  :)

What an idiot.  Yesterday 12.13 miles @8:46 pace.   :)  



Beth said...

Glad your legs are back Steve!! When is the marathon now? And you are right - it's a HUGE accomplishment! ;)

Nancy said...

My twin sister is a runner, you may want to have a look at her blog.

Take care!