Sunday, May 30, 2010

Marathon Day

"If on marathon day the spectators are wearing shorts and t-shirts it is going to be a hard day

--Alan Martens

I trained with these people for 100's and 100's of miles.  They all did great!!  I could tell a story about each, but let them start their own blog right??  You know my blog whoreness will read it right??  How is whoreness not a word??

Anyway it was great.  I had Jerry on pace, but after about mile 13 the sun and heat were taking their toll.  I pulled off at mile 15.  I told Alan Jerry won't get 3:35 probably 3:50.  Jerry got 3:49 and some change.

My day 15 miles @ 8:12 pace.  Glad I didn't have to run 26.2.  My pace would have dropped dramatically.  I didn't know how Jerry felt, so wanted to make sure I kept on pace as long as I could.  He was falling back between 14 and 15 a bit, so I knew he felt like me.  :)  He went on for another 11+ miles.  Like I said glad it wasn't me.

I was proud of them all!!!  They are great!!!

A lot of celebrating afterwards.  I drank 478 beers I think, and had nothing to drink at the Harju's party, so drank Jameson on the rocks, it is what my brother brought.  Felt a little sluggish first thing this morning, but am fine now.

It was a great day!!!  :)

Love you all!!


Have a great day!!!!  :)

p.s. half marathon 1:47:30.  1:04 off a P.R.  :)

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Beth said...

There you go again with your (almost) PR on a training run! So nice of you to pace your friend. That's such a huge help!! Happy weekend!