Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All Kinds of Things

I have a lot on my mind it seems.  Some not so important, and some stuff important to me.  Stuff that really affected me at work.  Not really in a bad way, but kind of a hard way.  I am kind of scared to talk about the hard stuff, because... well... intimidated I guess.  So let's start off with some little stuff.

My new running shoes rock.  You know how you feel with new running shoes once they are broken in, you run on pillows??  That is how I feel now.  New shoes rock!!!

Maybe I should have done a list, that might have worked better.  Oh well, I may switch over, we'll see.  It isn't like I am blogging with my stupid ass phone.  :)  Starting Thursday if I show up to work at what was once   the 20 minutes after the 2-1/2 hours early I'd like to be, I'll be 20 minutes late.  Some dill-hole decided to justify his job and tell everyone no one can punch in 5 minutes before they are scheduled.  Even manager's and someone who really works solo like me.  I know I put where I worked here, and if someone read it they'd see it.  Don't care. They didn't think it through, and now they paid some idiot money to come up with this stupid policy.  Come on!!!  What are you gonna do?  I thought it through, and decided to schedule myself at 5:00 am.  It isn't like I don't wake up early enough.  I may start not setting my alarm for 1:30 just to be safe though.  :)

I almost forgot my run yesterday morning was just a 4-1/4 miler at 8:38 pace.  I only biked to work and back.  I just chilled, grilled, and spent way too much time on the phone getting my internet back up.  It took so long, cause when I was putting in my username there was a space before it, so it kept not working.  On the bright side I can speak fluent Indian now.  :)

So work... hmmm.  The music turned sad again, like it did last summer.  I know the reason, it is the same reason as my insomnia from Sunday.  Some people have too much stuff to deal with.  It isn't cause they aren't strong, but probably because they have too much going on to properly deal.  If you have too much to deal with you bury it.  You don't deal with it.  God wants to see that doesn't happen, so he is unloading some of the burden to people who are able to handle some of the excess burden.  It is an un-seen miracle.  I deal with the excess sadness.  I don't know if there is more for me, but yesterday my heart sure was burdened.  Maybe more today.  I know for the person who this is being done for God sure loves.  I do too.  I am glad I can help in this way, and I believe someone else is taking some other stuff.  During the sad music Gina's smart ass  kept me smiling here and there.  She is such a dick!!!  :)

Tonight I run in circles.  That should be fun.  We still have to figure out our fast mile too, as to when it is.  Those 3 guys will kick my ass.  I'll smack talk them up until then though.  :)

Blackhawks and Sox win.  That is huge for the Hawks, but they have been playing better on the road then at home.  Need to bring the A game at home still.  San Jose is a great team.

Hope everyone has a great day!!

Love you all!!!  :)

xo's  :)

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Hello Steve,

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