Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It is the cord to the moem that is bad

Creative title I know. I know I know you are all wondering what will I do what will I do?? Hmmmmmmm...That nice little girl: (read--tourettes-laced tirade) Gina is going to get it, but not here.... This time!!

In other news I didn't have time for a workout. My insomnia made me go in late to work. No bike ride. Blessing in disguise...got grocery shopping done. I was able to cut the grass too. Lawn always looks nice after that. I then cooked on the grill, and got a bit philosophical I guess. What new???

I will say this. My wife and I have a good marriage. We don't do everything together, but we work together. Many times we do things on our own. I am a faithful husband, and have always been.

My heart picks up on other's sadness. I don't always know the reason. I trust it though, and I am going to let you know about it, because it hurts me too much not to. It is a gift. All sadness must be dealt with. I help with that. God has his reasons I am sure.

With Love

Me!!! :)


P.S. Phone still--forgive typo's

Will look at other blogs when my internet works...today!! :)

Really hope everyone has a great day!! :)


Steve said...

Cool!!! Title has a typo!!! Shit!!! Stupid phone!! :)

John said...

Steve, Your title has a tipo!!

~L said...

I posted something for you...and changed my URL:


oh, and your title has a typo :)

Steve said...

Thanks for telling me about the "tipo" guys. I would have missed it otherwise. I'll definitely check it out Lorraine... Gotta get the new router/modem thing.

Beth said...

You need to get the computer fixed STAT! :)