Saturday, May 22, 2010


Johnny and Emmanuel somewhere between 5-5:30.  Brian sub 5:00 how much I know not.  Me...I would love to hit 6:00, but don't see how that can happen.  Nothing in my track work makes me think I can.  6:15-6:30 would be my guess.  We shall see.  It will hurt.  Plan is to run 5-ish as a warm up and then we'll see. 

Kind of a slow week on workouts.  I guess cause it was a tough personal week for me really.  3 pretty tough days.  Last night I went and hung out with Jacob and Steph.  The sky was unbelievable. 

Short entry I know, but I am excited about the mile.  Should be fun fun fun!!!

Blackhawks up 3-0  :D


Hope everyone has a good one!!!

Love you all!!!  :)

xo's  :)

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Olga ^^" said...

WOW! 6:15 - 6:30 is still a really good mile! AWESOME!! Good luck!!