Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some Things I Noticed

Not Everyone feels confident all the time.  People who you think might be the strongest, most talented, most confident want to hear nice things once in a while.  They want to know people watch, and people care.  Sometimes people worry about what others would say or think. 

Here is how I work.  I write my thoughts, and hopes, and fears, you name it on here.  I let it all out, and then I worry.  :)  Not too terrible much, but I am honest on this thing to the best of my ability.  I call it as I see it.  I had a good "cyber conversation" with Sugarleg yesterday, and communications got out of whack.  She has thoughts about things, and hey I am with her.  Why not??  Not everyone is going to believe what she believes, but I say sounds plausible to me.  Beliefs aren't dangerous.  Being not honest is.  It is really the only dangerous thing I think.  Nothing good comes from it.  So if you had the opportunity to do something that is right 100% of the time, I would think to do that would be right. 

Here is the dilemma I think.  Perhaps we ALWAYS want to seem nice.  Do the nice things, but you know what, who is so perfect??  I do mean stuff.  I get angry, and I get bad feelings about people.  I know if I get angry at someone and am honest about it nothing but good will come from it.  Why??  Because an honest emotion directed toward someone will make them reflect.  It gives them a better view of the mirror if you will.  Don't you think? 

I think so.  I love it when people are nice, and do great things.  I checked out a blog last night, just based on a nice comment.  She was once again a successful triathlete, and she was thankful for all the well wishes from other people.  She posted it as a comment though instead of on her blog.  Maybe that is why I looked too.  :)

So anyway my workout was pretty successful yesterday as in I got done what I wanted.  I ran 7.92 miles @ 9:25 pace or something like that.  Pretty slow I know, but gotta believe in the process.  Others have done this more than me.  I went to breakfast at Deboer bros.  I talked to Jacob.  You know I haven't talked to him since the "bad night".  Told him everything was o.k.  I was a jerk, but I hit my breaking point.  Then I putzed for a bit.  Cleaned up the kitchen, and did some laundry, and rode the trainer for an hour.  Woo Hoo!!  Success Success. 

I ended up being tired, and was planning on chilling.  Those plans changed.  I ended up going to dinner with Beau and Charity, and C.C. and Seth.  :)  Ha Ha!!  Charity is so gay!!  :)  I had a couple beers, and went home after.  I was sooooo tired.  I realized I didn't eat enough yesterday.  Totally skipped lunch.  I was probably a bit dehydrated too.  Don't get real thirsty in the winter for some reason.  My ring could have easily fell off my finger.  It was fun, we had some good conversations.  You know what is weird about my blog??  I have hung out with these people for a long time.  C.C. is kinda new to the crew only a year or so. They never knew me like this.  We know some, because life does get talked about, but this is knowing me more.  I am cool with that.  I am still the same guy who likes to have his drinks, and have fun.  There is definitely more to me though huh?  There is more to us all.  Anyway pretty neat.  :)

Hmmm anything else???  Just one note.  I am running 10 miles today, but I won't be doing push ups and pull ups, because on my run yesterday my arms were so heavy.  I am not going to stop doing my strength stuff, because I will get better.  Oh, and my push ups from the other day were 4 sets of 15.  I successfully made the jump.  :)

That is it for today!!!   :)

Thanks for reading!!!   :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

p.s.  Going to be a good day today.  work, run, and stuff.  Woop Woop!!!   :)

Now for really really cya cya cya.  :)

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