Saturday, December 25, 2010

Boring Update!!

I feel like this is going to be a totally boring update.  I don't think I have much to write about, but I will go on anyway.  I had a lot of thoughts early on in the morning, yeah I have been awake for a while  :)  I don't share everything.  Do you know how life is a race??  I guess this I am sharing.  The one sperm wins the race, and life is created.  Out of a lot one wins, and that is life.  That was kind of what I saw on Thanksgiving.  So I have seen life from the view of the sperm, and life from the view of the baby.  Separated by like 20 years of course.

I guess that is a pretty deep thing to share huh?? 

Ha Ha Ha!!  I am going to share a lot.  You want to know what I am thankful for??  Remember my post, if I never live another day, I have been paid the most bestest compliment ever.  Remember trust, the quid pro quo??  Olga sure has a high place of honor on this blog huh?  That might not mean much to any of you, but it means a lot to me.  She is my friend from Poland.  Remember she said, in a foreign language "I trust you, trust me. "  I thought of that this morning, and it made me feel good. 

I think you can trust me if for no other reason I show you a lot about me.  I am as honest as I can be.  I don't know if I show everything, but I think I show a lot.  So there is that.  I will not pretend to be perfect, and I will not pretend to be the best person in the world, but I will show you who I am, and what I think about.  I think sometimes we battle what we should think about, and force that, instead of looking at what we really think about.  Hide the real and force the "what we think we should be thinking about".  I guess at the very least only want to show what we think we should be thinking about.  I guess that is a bit of an internal struggle.  One you must win though.  Dat Shit ain't easy tho!! 

Sometimes my blog surprises me.  I mean I didn't even want to blog today I don't think, and it appears maybe I had a little somethin somethin anway. 

My workout was a 6.2 miler @ 9:20 pace.  I stopped at 28 minutes for a rest, and like 41 minutes for a rest.  No reason, just for the heck of it.  It was a nice run, and I really felt good at the 5 mile mark.  My legs are pretty good right now. 

Gonna have a chill day today.  My tent is big.  I have my beliefs, and I know you have yours.  You all are welcome in my tent, so I say:

Merry Christmas, Happy Festivus, Whatever Jewish Holiday goes on now. whatever.  Have a great day!!  Drink beer, eat a lot, laugh, and appreciate what you have, because some are missing important pieces from the past.  So many will be happy, but some may be sad.  Hope you all can find a way to laugh at least some today!!  :)  That would be my wish!!  :)

That is it for today!!!   :)

Thanks for reading!!!   :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

p.s.  I think I want to be lazy and watch movies all day.   :)

now for really really cya cya cya!!!   :)

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