Monday, December 6, 2010

Hmmm Still Haven't Lost Two FB Friends... Weird

Guess I won't worry about it.  I have my phone which updates, but won't be for them today, and for who knows how long, so won't see anything anyway. 

They go to church so they must be great.  Must be nice to be so perfect.  Me I am not perfect.  I have flaws.  I have some good and some bad.  I guess the church goers want to hide their bad, but light is open.  Light is honest.  To hide your bad is to do whose work??  anyone anyone??  Church goers probably think Satan lives with the so called "Satan Worshipers"  Nope he lives in church.  Teaching as Doctrine the Precepts of men.  One of the Woes. 

So I am mad, and this blog is starting out this way.  Yesterday I forgot to put Jessica's name on here.  She is obviously one of my favorite bloggers.  If I went through her blog I bet I am near 100 percent comment rate.  Why???  Cause she is funny.  She struggles with things.  She lets people know.  She doesn't blog a lot, but every time it is great.  She is great.  I also like Jen H's posts too.  I think she is ashamed of me in ways, but she really is a great blogger.  She hasn't always been 100 percent honest with me, but she has done some tough stuff.  Want to know a secret???  I did not know it was hard to comment on people's blogs.  I did not know being out there is so hard.  It is pretty natural to me.  That is why I like girls so much.  They typically are better than guys when it comes to just being out there.  Why I know not. 

So anyway I got a bit of a run in yesterday.  It ended up being 8.84 miles, and we thought it was 10 miles.  It was hard. I am out of shape.  It looks like we got around 6 inches or so of Lake Effect snow.  It was my first Yaktrax run of the season.  It was just Jerry and "The Man With Many First Names"  On our final 2.5 mile leg they kept dropping me.  I'd catch up, and boom they would be gone again. I have some work to do, that is fo sho!!  I put faith in Barb's last post that this is how it is supposed to work.  She knows I am sure, and unknowingly I have done this year what she does every year. 

So Yeah I have fun, and I fuck around.  I am surprised when I show my dark side that ones who I thought "should" be some of the best people left me hanging, and left me.  Nice!!  You should be ashamed of yourselves, and you have been acting really strange. 

Think about that!!

That is it!!

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