Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Lot To "Talk" About... My Favorite!! :)

Well first off most importantly I found me another blogger to read.  We read a lot of the same people, and we have a Michigan connection.  After me she commented on Alili's site, and Maija's site, and also Kim Kim Kim's site.  So I checked her out.  Yeah I know I know, another girl.  Don't tell my wife.   ;)  Anyway she spent at least some of her time growing up in Michigan, Central Michigan, and she has a good friend who used to live in Holland, MI.  A non-blogging friend, and she has been to Holland before.  She is nice.  :)  Not as nice as me, but who is???   ;)

Her name is Charisa Wernick.  I gave her a few reasons why I read her.  Here they are.  :)

I love you run to work sometimes?? always??

You bike a lot as a form of transportation. I love that!! :)

I love the way you pronounce your name. :)

You seem nice too. :)

Plus I know you are superstar awesome, but so are soooo many. :)
I love that Charisa runs, and bikes to work and back.  That is the bestest.  In her words she will bike there and run back, and then run there and bike back. She does it that way so she doesn't end up with 3 bikes at work.  :)   So I am pretty sure that hooked me.  The getting to work and back the green way, I guess you would say.  I do that a lot in the nicer temps., and this year I am doing it more when the temps aren't so nice.  I like it.  I love it actually.  Why not right??  Plus it helps get you in better shape.  YAYYYYYYY!!!

I am always excited to get another blogger.  I have to be careful though.  Like this morning I woke up, and there were 5 blog posts to read.  UGHHHH!!!  Luckily 4 of them were Olga's c'est ma vie pictures.  :)  Speaking of Olga, she is all signed up for the Cracow Marathon.  I think it is in like 108 days.  Good Luck to her.  Don't know what happened to her sister, she all but disappeared.  booo.  Oh well, what can you do right??

Other news, I decided to bike to work yesterday.  It hasn't snowed in Holland in quite a while.  Rare there are blizzards around, and Holland has just a couple inches on the ground.  I don't remember, but you know reading Charisa ride to work, and Maija riding in the mountains with cold descends may have given me that extra push to ride when it was cold yesterday.  Windbreakers rule.  So does a slow bike rider.  ;)  Wind doesn't kill me.  :)  When push comes to shove though it is excerciseeeeeeeeee!!!  It is all good!! 

Let's see, you know what I am going to tell you a funny story.  I have been friends with Lori Smith since I have been on facebook pretty much.  I am not sure if I told you this story already or not, but telling you again if I did.  Anyway we clicked right away.  She is nice, and funny, and all that stuff.  I didn't remember who Lori Smith was in H.S. but whatever, I have a bad memory, and we were probably close to 800 people in our class.  So we were friends on FB for over a year, and I really didn't know who she was until a brother of hers would post on her status update, and she called him brother.  Sujack???  wtf???  So I go to her wall, and there it is Lori Sujack Smith.  Lori Sujack I know who she is.  We were best friends... well she was my best friend, the summer before Junior year in H.S.  We talked on the phone EVERY day, and I am pretty sure we saw each other every day.  How weird is that huh??  I forget about that dang maiden name thing.  So after that summer the girl who broke my heart Carolynn,  (due to my immaturity btw) her and I got back together, and I spent every waking moment I could with Carolynn.  Lori, and I fell out of touch, but now we are friends again.  She is GREAT!!!  No wonder we clicked right away huh??  I mean we were best friends for a reason right??  I love that story!!  :)

Anyway, I guess I should start wrapping this puppy up.  Don't want to make it too long.  :)  My workout yesterday was a bike to work and back.  A real workout in the winter time, because it is more than what I may have done, especially in the winter, and especially on a run night.  I averaged 37 mph on the bike.   ;)  My run was 6 miles @ 8:57 pace I think.  My legs are a bit fatigued, but my times are staying in the low 9's at least, so maybe I am starting not so different than what I was last year.  I'd have to look it up sometime.  Helen was with her friend, and it was Jerry, me, and Bob.  Bob did 7 miles at lunch with some fast dude.  they did those at 7:00 pace.  he wanted us to take it easy on him.  Ummm, a tempo run for us would be taking it easy on him.  :)  It was a good run, and a good workout.  I will probably take it easy today, bike to work and back, do some strength stuff, and cook meatloaf!!!   :D

That is it for today!!!   :)

Thanks for reading!!!   :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

p.s. I think it is going to be a good year for me, because I am wanting to do a lot.  There is a fire in me.  I did a lot last year, but I am not sure if there was that fire.  This could be fun fun fun.  Hope you all are doing Great!!  :)


Now for really really cya cya cya!!!   :)

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