Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sweep!! :)

Wow, I  sure have been sweeping a lot on my 4 day little mini vacation, and the floors don't look any better.  :)  By sweep I mean sleep of course, that is why the floors don't look better.   :)

So yesterday was a chill day like I said.  I still found the motivation to ride the trainer for 50 minutes.  Holy sweat fest.  I increased the tension a bit.  OMG was  I soaked.  I think I'll decrease it again.   ;)  I also did pull ups, but never got around to push ups.  I am glad I did the pull ups, because those are the ones I would typically blow off.  Push ups, you really could do 1000 sets in a day, so I can do a lot today.  Maybe I'll do a set for each time the Bears score on the Jets.  ehhhh.  I said I could do 1000 sets, not 2000.  That would probably be a little over kill.  :)

Lisa and I did what we normally do on Christmas.  Hailey is gone, so we just did our own thing.  Hung out, saw a movie, and had a dinner.  Hailey goes to her dad's side of the family.  Only thing missing this year than any other year is Brian would hang with us also, but he has been in Hawaii for a long time.  I didn't even call my Dad or my Uncle.  Worst family member ever.  Not really, Pejchl men are horrible.  All the women have passed on, so it is just us loners doing our thing.  Uncle Bob is a loner too in ways.  I enjoy Christmas's I spend with Lisa though.  It is always relaxing.  :)  FWIW we saw "The Tourist" - it is a good movie.  I recommend it. 

Here I will give you a story I thought about this morning before I got out of bed.  It all started with Doreen wishing me happy holidays.  Doreen  I went to High School with.  I don't think we knew each other very well, but like Gina we became friends now this year, better than ever before.  Doreen was good friends with Steve R.  When she wished me Happy Holidays, I thought of Steve R.  Plus I was flattered too, because she is pretty, and very funny.  I am a sucker for that shit.  :)  lol. 

Anyway here is how life plays out a lot.  The times I saw Steve Rose in Holland, MI.  Now I moved up in Menards to Dept. Mgr. pretty quick, got married, and never really wanted to go any higher.  At that time, I'd be looking at a minimum of 55 hour work weeks.  Ehhhhhh no thanks.  This was past my first Hawaii trip too, so I was already stepped down.  So to see someone in High School like a Steve R, and tell him I was working full time in retail, was a bit embarrassing.  There is a bit of stature in what a person does, and well, my job did not take a rocket scientist to do.  He told me he was married with two kids working for his Dad's company.  Something with Security or something.  Wiring security systems or something.  It is all I remember.  He said he was in Holland, and we should get together for a beer sometime.  Damn if we didn't always play phone tag.  I'd say there were probably 5 times where one of us called the other.  I saw him in the store too once or twice more.  So my view of Steve was everything was fabulous.  I still did my thing, which is the same as I do today.  Workout-train for something-hang out. 

Little did I know not everything was fabulous in Steve's life.  Everything is not always fabulous in anyone's life.  Steve and I were o.k. friends in High School.  I remember I think we did Junior Year Homecoming together.  I was probably with Carolynn, and I have no idea who he was with.  Not a clue.  We hung at his house though, and drank etc...  I think.  It was 100 years ago.  I never knew who his closest friends were.  My High School close friends changed a lot.  I hung out with a lot of different people here and there, plus I had Carolynn who I hung out with A TON!!  Anyway I learned a lot about Steve at the visitation thing this summer.  I remember Russ Beaupre filling me in on EVERYTHING. 

Here is what I thought about this morning, and even earlier this year.  What if???  What if I knew his problems??  Could I have helped??  I could have got him a job, I know that.  Our store manager at the time would have hired anyone on the spot if I or Lisa gave a good recommendation.  Today we could give Jesus a good recommendation, and they wouldn't hire him.  I guess 35 years in retail shows bad judgment.  So the powers at store level don't trust us or something.  :)  That is now, but back then we could have for sure.  I will tell you one thing, that really really bugged me.  I guess I think about it now still here and there.  Then again, if this didn't happen, I would not have been as good of friends with Gina now probably.  Maybe I never get to know Doreen either.  I got to know her a bit better when she posted H.S. pictures of Steve on her wall after the visitation. 

So good can come from all, although at the expense of sadness sometimes.  I bet Steve's death brought a lot of people closer than they would have been if he were alive.  His struggles were hard, but someone- who I learned at his visitation- was a giving guy keeps giving even when his time is up.  It is a centuries old story, but we could all hope to have that legacy huh??? 

That is it for today!!!   :)

Thanks for reading!!!   :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

p.s.  Look out Twitter, I am totally going to smack talk during the Jets/Bears game.  I hope there are no Jets fans out there.  :)

Now for really really cya cya cya!!!   :)

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