Monday, December 20, 2010

At The End Of The Day!!

It all comes down to this.  First off, let me start with a thought I had.  I only went back on 4 blogs, plus Jen Gray.  Isn't that interesting??  The original 4 I went back a long ways, and Jen Gray I went back and tried to read the whole thing.  That should count for something I think.  I just thought about that tonight.  The O'Toole's of course I started at the beginning, and also the new Nancy.

Anyway... well I throw names on here, but I will leave this one out.  One of my absolute favorite favorite bloggers had to put her mom in hospice this week.  So at the end of the day no matter what we do.  Whether we exercise, or do crafts, are rich, are poor, drive ourselves crazy watching cable news.  :)  It all comes down to we will see people die, and people will see us die.  What is your 10 year plan??  Probably cancer isn't in on it is it??  I doubt a heart attack was in Jim Fixx's plan for his running season. 

I remember some dude was in the lumberyard shopping.  I don't remember what he was buying.  Something really dumb.  This guy was probably 115 years old.  He was asking all kinds of questions or something, I was annoyed.  I then vented to someone and said, "Why the hell does that old fucker care about that, he can't possibly have more than 2-3 years left of his life."  Yeah a crude joke, but you know what can you do??  I still think farts are funny.  :)  I guess my point is we think life will always go on the same as it always will.  Things change.  There is so much you don't have control of.  I mean shit what if you were the model citizen, had a good paying job.  Your company had a great stock plan, and it was a great stock.  You got paid well, so you went all over the country running races, and doing fun stuff like that, and THEN,  the Enron bubble collapses and your fucked.

I guess with all things you have to think about it.  A lot of stuff is out of your control.  Why be so anal about stuff, you know shit is going to happen.  You cannot fend off all stuff. 

So on this day my thoughts are out to my poor blogger who what is a happy time of her life is now a sad time too.  Her heart is the biggest one out there too.  She cares more than most.  This will be hard on her.  It already has been.

Our run got canceled yesterday due to a Christmas party.  I felt that to be a good thing, so I can run to work today.  I am also swimming today.  :)  I am like Jessica, I am going to try and do at least one tri this year.  :)  It all comes down to the swim.  Can I do it without "f"ing up my back again.  Anyhoo,  that is how it is spelled btw.  :)   it was a high motivation day for me.  I was like YIPPPPEEEEEEE!!!  I don't have to run at 3:00 in the freaking afternoon.  I thought should I get a run in??  hmmm,  nah.  I thought of taking the day off, but what would my blog think??  :)  Trainer for 45 minutes.  Worked up a good sweat.  4 sets of pull ups and push ups, 5, and 15.  I added more push ups after too.

Like I said today I run to work, and swim.  Boy if I can swim again, that would be great.  I don't plan on getting fast or anything, but I miss swimming.  It really was a big part of my big year.  Pretty exciting.

In other news my brother Jim and I cleared the air.  He sees where I am coming from.  I think he thought I was living high on the hog, ummm no.  Here is my picture in my mind.  Lisa made a room for herself.  It is her reading room.  It is pretty.  :)  She has a hammock in there, and plants in the corner with two windows.  It is her crafting room, and my trainer bike room.  :)  I so so so so so so so want her to have that room.  I don't really want anyone else in the house.  She gets her room.  My Uncle owns two houses in the Suburbs of Chicago.  Pretty sure he only lives in one.  There are resources on that side of the lake, ya dig??  My thought of Lisa having her room just puts a smile in my heart.  She cut her hair short too, and she looks cute.  Don't tell her I said that though.  :)

That is it for today!!!   :)

Thanks for reading!!!   :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

p.s. if I am blocked on FB, there really is no point to even being friends on FB.  That is what you should have done.  It is what I did.  I am not a parent, and I really never was one.  I tried to lead by example.  I am a lot like my great friend Hal.  We work hard and we play hard.  We are such great friends because we picked ourselves up off the floor, and made something of ourselves.  That is why Jim is a disappointment.  He was in the middle of Hal and I getting the life thing down.  He never got it.  Never picked up from our mojo.  I mean we were as low as low can be, and found our way up.  I think he'll get it, he just needed a kick to the groin.  I was happy to do it... so to speak.   :)

Oh yeah I was blocked to shield kids from my swearing antics I guess.  Kids grow up, and they will hear swear words in school.  Think of that funny X-mas show with the b.b. gun.  I get the parent thing.  I know it is hard, and you care, and you want to hide all scary stuff, but I will not change who I am to protect something I have no control of.  I am out there, and I am wild, and this is what I do.  I am a crazy whack job, because why not?? 

Now for really really cya cya cya!!!  :)

almost forgot I did go back on Maija's a bit too.  :) 
Shit almost forgot Saturday's run was 7.92 @ 9:30'ish.  Most important part of my blog.  :)

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