Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Excited Bwog Excited Bwog!!

First off I had a typo yesterday.  DANG 3:00 am blogging.  :)  The new blog girl is named Kim Kim Kim, and you can check out her blog here.   She just finished an ironman, and did it in just over 10 hours.  Now that has to be DANG fast.  She placed really well in overall too.  Probably beat some pro racers.  SHEESH!!  So I am going to be a huge fan of hers.  A groupie if you will.  :)  lol.  Anyway I guess she is pretty small.  On her last post she had a picture of her and the pro who won the dang thing, and she was happy that the pro was small too.  Yep them little girls can move FAST FAST FAST!!  Knowing someone online is a bit different than knowing a person "in real life"  :)  We have our own little Cathy F. who is... well heck is she even 5 foot tall??  lol.  She can move though.  I marvel at how small people can move so fast, and I am sooo slow compared to them.  One of the great things about what I do.  I get to see all kinds of people, and marvel at their accomplishments.

I struggle to get my p.r.'s and at the end of the day they really are only important to me.  It is fun for me though.  Can I get better??  Can I improve??  Can I take some time off the clock from a previous time?  Along the way I get to meet different people.  Watch them improve.  In this game we do, we try to do a lot, and we try to stay healthy.  Now let's face it last year I was a runner.  The year before I was a runner/ tri-trainer.  As it would happen I didn't race any tri's but you cannot take the training away.  It is cross training, and it still is good.  I haven't given up hope to do another tri though.  I just have to get back in the pool.  This week or maybe next week fo sho!!  Maybe today if I can find my stuff.  :)  lol.  Not that I am not organized.  ;) 

So yesterday at work we had our first ever external audit.  It was from a C.P.A. firm who pick a few stores to check inventory for tax purposes.  A random sample of our inventory at our store.  They do that to a number of stores, and project via statistics the actual inventory of the entire company.  We did pretty good.  Nothing was way off, and no huge inventory $$$$ missing.  So that is good.  I wasn't really worried about it anyway.  The girl who did it was real real nice.  She had a sister who ran Boston, and she ran the Eau Claire half marathon last year.  When she told me I was like omg that had to be hilly.  She said yep.  She was like me too during her race.  CRANKY!!!  lol.  So she was really nice, and it all went pretty well I think.

On my workout I fell asleep instead of riding the trainer.  OOOPPPPSSSSSSS!!!  It was actually good though, because on my run my legs were shaking toward the end.  A little biking/running phenomena I guess.  My legs have to get used to biking and running.  Probably a slow process.  I showed up late to the meeting place, and accidentally for a while tried to play catch up.  I caught myself and slowed down.  I caught the group after the first turn, as I cut my loops short, and tacked it on at the end.  I just kept it nice and slow.  Even on the last loop when for some reason Jerry and Jeff sped up, me and Bob held back.  No sense elevating the heart rate.  My race isn't in February.  :)  I thought of doing 4.5 miles, but everyone was doing 6.  I still thought of doing 4.5 miles anyway.  :)  I did 6.  It was @ 8:59 pace.  A good workout.  I did my push ups when I got home, but not the pull ups.  Another week I think, and I'll bump the push up reps to 20... I think.

I think that is about it for today!!!   :)

Thanks for reading!!!   :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

p.s.  Monday seemed like a strange blogging day to me... and yesterday too.  I like it.  :)

Now for really really cya cya cya!!!   :)

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